Being forced inside in 2020 has many feeling desperately in need of a change of scenery now. However, still suspicious of travel means that vacations are out of the question. Therefore, the changes that we crave are happening in the interior design of homes or home decor.

Unlike a remodel or home improvement, interior design is a style of furniture or decor ideas you bring into your home. Together, the pieces of furniture, their placement, paint, and flooring create the interior design.

As a fan of home interior magazines, it is noticeable how home decor styles have evolved and continue changing in 2021. Some of those changes are:.`

Plant parents

Bringing fresh air and a sense of calmness to indoor spaces, more have opted to change their decor in 2021 by adding living plants to their homes. Hashtags galore have popped up on social media as new parents proudly show off their new lush babies. Aesthetically, plants add a touch of paradise to any room and a tremendous amount of pleasure. In addition to relieving stress, plants also boost productivity, focus, and heighten creativity.

Life of luxury

Instead of apologizing for being successful, more people in 2021 enjoy the fruits of their labor, even at home, which means living in luxury unapologetically. More are investing in designer pieces of furniture. Some benefits of investing in luxurious furnishings are:

They make great heirlooms to pass down.

You get tailored pieces to fit your room.

They offer a unique decorating style.

They have superior products and quality.

Dark Walls

Symphony Blue, Caliente, and Fiddlehead Green aren’t names of fish or fancy menu items at an Italian restaurant. They are the bold jewel tone paint colors that are trending at Benjamin Moore this year. These deep tones are making a splash on accent walls or an entire room. Instead of adding to the furniture, these colors set the mood for the room and are one-way decor that has changed in 2021.

Light it up

As an essential part of interior decor, lighting can brighten a room and change its entire vibe. Decorators are using it to set the room’s mood and attract attention. Some eye-catching pieces include:

Using statement light bulbs.

Specialized vanity lighting

Installing a dimmable or energy-saving feature.

Hanging an oversized fixture over the dining room table.

Black and brass finishes.

Don’t forget to scour your local second-hand stores also for bold, colorful, and functional lamps that are unique and bring a certain flair into any room.

Oversized furniture

If you have space and the family to use it, oversized furniture is making a huge comeback as more people choose to spend time in the safety and comfort of their homes. The most critical component in oversized furniture is comfort. It makes zero sense to have something big that isn’t functional and comfortable. In addition to its large size, ask yourself questions about the fabric when picking out large pieces. Will it feel good to the skin? Will you enjoy lounging to binge-watch your favorite television series? Is the color inviting and warm?

Mixed prints

Mixed prints don’t just work for the woman whose dress style is eclectic; it works with interior decor. Mixing florals and plaids, checkers, and psychedelic or almost any prints is acceptable if that is your style and you like to color. If you want patterns and prints but don’t know where to being, here are some starter tips:

Layer pattern and modern area rugs.

Add geometric prints to a black and white room.

Have a classic toile print sofa with bold floral print wallpaper.

Stick to a specific pattern in multiple places in a room.

Using the same color palette on different textured pieces in the same room.

Unlike a remodel or home improvement job, interior design is a style of furniture or decor ideas you bring to your home to create your decor style. Some ideas for home decor that are changing in 2021 are more people are raising indoor plants, living a more luxurious life, painting walls darker, using lighting fixtures to create specific moods, investing in oversized comfortable furniture, and mixing prints. If you are interested in revamping your home decor this year, these few tips are great starter points.