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When it comes to purchasing a chainsaw under the 300 dollar price point, you are pretty much spoilt for choice with good quality options from all of the main power tool manufacturers. These include the likes of Husqvarna, DeWalt, Remington, and Zombi. The most important thing to consider for these lower end chainsaws is the amount of power that they possess, as some can be lacking, yet some have an abundance of power that can handle most tasks.

For those chainsaws that come packed with power, such as the Husqvarna 440E, they can make light work of even the thickest of tree branches and trunks. Having this amount of power in a chainsaw is pretty much a necessity for those individuals who have a large yard or work professionally as an arborist. The power with the Husqvarna 440E comes from a 40.9 cc engine. It has a 16-inch cutting blade that is suitable for most jobs, however, for some people, this will not be enough.

When it comes to tightening up the cutting chain, this can be done without the need for any tools thanks to the unique system that it uses. Because it is easy to do this, you can even do it when suspended at heights from a tree. With the clear chamber, you are able to quickly assess what the fuel level is, as opposed to having to look inside of a dark fuel tank. When fully fuelled up, the chainsaw will run for around 2 hours. This is good when it is compared with other chainsaws priced under $300.

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Featuring Husqvarna’s unique Smart Start technology, the Husqvarna 440E can be easily switched on or off at the touch of a button. For anyone that struggled with starting a chainsaw the conventional way, this is a good thing to look out for.

Thanks to the design of the power tool, it produces very few vibrations, which, thus, makes it much easier to use and handle. In addition to this, it is less likely to leave you feeling fatigued after a day of using it. The level of cover that a chainsaw comes with is also a very important thing to consider. In this case, the Husqvarna 440E comes with a full 2-year warranty.

You also have the option of extending this to 3 or even 4 years should you wish to. This removes any worry or doubts you may have about the quality of the product as you know that any problems that occur with it will be fixed completely free of charge. This goes some way to justifying the more expensive price tag of this particular model.

chain saw

Another great example of an effective chainsaw that is under the $300 price tag is the DeWalt DCCS620B Max XR Compact Cordless Chainsaw. What we like best about this particular model is that the battery that it uses is the same as the one that powers any other battery-powered DeWalt power tool that you may have. Not only is this incredibly useful in those situations where your chainsaw runs out of juice but is also a lot more cost-effective way of powering power tools like these.

Because it is battery powered and, thus not gas-powered, it eliminates the chance of cold starts happening, as well as does not produce fumes that are unpleasant to breathe in. Similarly, a battery-powered chainsaw requires much less maintenance than a battery-powered one. Thanks to the power that it has and of how robust it is, it is able to be put to use on even the hardest of jobs. This makes it a great choice for professional tradesmen that need to use such a powerful tool in a commercial setting.

However, with it being so lightweight it is very easy to maneuver and will not leave you feeling tired or fatigued come to the end of a day of use. Featuring a highly efficient brushless motor, not only does it deliver a long run time, but it also pretty much guarantees a long life span for the motor also. When it comes to tightening up the bar or tensioning it, this is an easy thing to do thanks to the tool-free system for this that the chainsaw has in place. The bar measures 12 inches long, which is big enough for most jobs.

But for some individuals, this may not quite be big enough. Also, the fact that the chainsaw does not come with the battery and that it needs to be purchased at an additional cost is quite annoying. This is something that you need to look out for whenever you are purchasing a chainsaw, regardless of what brand it is. This can make such a power tool appear cheap in the first place, but once the cost of purchasing a battery is added, it may not be such a good deal after all.

The DeWalt DCCS620B Max XR Compact Cordless Chainsaw, just like the Husqvarna 440E, comes with a full and extensive warranty that keeps it well protected from any issues. This is something that often comes with the bigger power tool brands and, as discussed before, is an important thing to consider when spending large amounts of money on a single power tool. For this very reason, you may want to stick with the likes of Stihl, Husqvarna, DeWalt, and the like when making a purchase.