The balcony in general and the balcony in the interior design of the apartment, in particular, is a space for the owners to relax and enjoy the landscape after a stressful work schedule. A clean, comfortable and harmonious balcony will help the owners to feel more comfortable. The balcony floor tiles help to provide you with the most relaxing space.

However, this is also the place to sunbathe and where it rains more. So how do you choose a type of balcony tile that best suits the style of the house and at the same time ensures the function that tiles provide?

Popular Types of Apartment Balcony Tiles Today

Balcony tiles in general and apartment balcony tiles, in particular, must meet aesthetic and functional requirements.

1. Ceramic Tiles

One type of tiles is formed primarily from sand, clay, and some other components, combined through a high-temperature heating process. This type of tile in India is still commonly known as ceramic tile. Ceramic tiles are coated with a layer of enamel on the surface to help this type of tile have a variety of designs for customers to choose for their balcony. Here is one of the best ceramic tiles manufacturing company which provide the best ceramic tiles for apartment balcony.

2. Granite Tiles

Granite tiles are made from 2 main materials which are marble and clay with a ratio of 8:2 respectively, and some other additives. This type of tile is considered a homogeneous artificial stone because it does not have an enamel coating, so all surfaces are the same. Due to the uniformity throughout the tiles, the product will be limited in design and color, but this type of tiles is of very high hardness, resistant to high pressure. Granite tiles are currently the type of tiles used for most balcony constructions on the market.

3. Glass Ball Tiles

Glass tiles are primarily made up of stone powder that has been pressed, dried, and heated to extremely high temperatures. A prominent feature of these tiles superior to other types of tiles is hardness. In addition, porcelain tiles have high strength, scratch resistance and high water resistance, which can meet the needs of floors for offices, squares, or large shopping centers. Glossy glass tiles.

Notes when choosing balcony tiles?

  • Choosing a suitable type of balcony tile will give you a space to relax more comfortably.
  • Choose tiles that are durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. Since the balcony is the place where the sun receives the most rain, the selection of balcony tiles should meet the above requirements.
  • Floor tiles for balconies should be selected according to the color criteria of the tiles to ensure aesthetics and match the style of the apartment.


Popular Balcony Tile Patterns Today

1. Beautiful Cotton Print Balcony Tile Pattern

This balcony floor tile pattern features a soft touch of pastel motifs, giving it a classy vintage look. This type of ceramic tile has a smooth, glazed surface that is easy to clean.

2. Common Tile for Apartment Balcony

Encaustic tiles with symmetrical patterns are arranged to match each other to create balance. This beautiful ceramic apartment tile is square in shape and light in tone, yet highlighted with symmetrical black patterns. The two tones, black and white, are contradictory, but when they are combined very well.

3. Beautiful And Unique Balcony Tile Pattern

The balcony tile has a striking pattern in vintage blue. You may be confused when looking at the patterns stamped on the tiles, but looking more generally, combining such stamped patterns will create an artistic image.

4. Green Space Balcony Tile

A balcony has a lot of beautiful bonsai, a set of tables and chairs so that all members of the family can talk with each other, so designing the balcony and choosing the balcony tiles is very important. The ceramic tiles that pave the apartment’s balcony floor have equal and symmetrical motifs, bringing a balanced harmony to the green space of the balcony.

5: Patterned Balcony Tile Pattern

The floor tiles are symmetrical patterns with symmetrical drawings on the red tile’s background, creating a highlight for a narrow balcony space. The apparent density of the pattern is not great, creating a light feeling, without being confused.

6: Popular Ceramic Tile for Balcony

Glossy ceramic tiles make your apartment space cooler, especially the balcony area will be filled with natural sunlight. Large slab sample size 300x600mm, smooth surface, easy to clean and clean.

7: Light Tone Balcony Tiles

The apartment balcony tile is square, medium in size, gray-white combined with the elegant stone tiles wall. This mosaic pattern is very popular on apartment balconies.

8: Large Balcony Tile

The ceramic tiles are covered with white-gray enamel, the large version is 450x600mm in size. This large mirror-coated tile is very easy to clean and provides a comfortable feeling when the homeowner sits here enjoying the wind and talking.

9: Simple Modern Apartment Balcony Tile

The ceramic tile is glazed with a special pattern and has a neutral dark gray shade. The typical square-shaped tiles has a modern style, which makes your balcony more luxurious.

10: Beautiful Modern Apartment Balcony Tiles

A simple neutral gray granite tile pattern matches the tone of the balcony fence. Although the balcony is a place to enjoy the cool breeze and enjoy the scenery, it is also a rarely visited place. And because the space is open, there is often dust, so the gray color of the tiles seems like a smart choice.

11: Balcony Flooring Combined With Wooden Wall

An apartment with a large balcony space is suitable for owners who have a habit of admiring the landscape and breathing natural air. The balcony floor tile is a square granite tile with a small size of 300x300mm. The floor of a large balcony is paved with many small tiles to provide harmony and fantasy in the design.

12: Granite Balcony Tile

The granite tiles with dark gray color have a large square size of 600x600mm. Tiles of such a large size will be more suitable for large apartments that can spend more space on a balcony. Granite tiles are trusted by many homeowners because of their durability and high hardness.

13: Revolutionary Plastic Balcony Tile

The plastic balcony tiles are designed as imitation wood cardboard tiles. This is considered a design for a balcony with daring features of a modern apartment. The balcony floor tiles are in deep, warm tones and the seating is also very stylish.

14: Beautiful and Eye-Catching Balcony Floor Tile Pattern

Ceramic balcony floor tiles are coated with light wood imitation glaze, combined with stand-out color pots to create a cheery balcony space, filled with colorful light.

15: Modern Luxury Balcony Floor Plastic Tiles

The long wood imitation plastic tiles have an exceptionally luxurious black color. The selected tile has a size of 10x60cm, the special thing that is tiled on the floor looks like pieces of real wood are assembled.

16: Unique Wood Balcony Tile

Wood tiles are one of the most popular options today. In this design, the selected balcony tiles feature a striking light wood color, with a retro look.


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