Kitchen cabinetry is one of the most important features in any kitchen.  After all, what is a kitchen with cupboards?  Kitchens are the heart of the home.  Thus when remodeling, you should pay extra attention to decisions that impact the look and functionality of your kitchen space.  Updating, customizing, or replacing your tired cabinets with a fresh new look can completely transform and expand your useable space.  Make your kitchen the envy of everyone in town with these cabinet picking tips!

What Should I Look for When Buying Kitchen Cabinets?

Choosing new cabinetry may seem relatively straightforward, but don’t be deceived, there are many important considerations when selecting just the right thing to enhance your unique space and its aesthetic.

One of the first things you consider should be the grade of cabinetry you will be purchasing.  It will be important to determine what your budget is in advance, as this will expand or limit your options.  There are several options available, ranging significantly in both price and quality.  You can choose from ready to assemble cabinets, stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, and custom cabinets.

If your budget is limited, but you desire a kitchen makeover, ready to assemble cabinets can be easily secured at your local Lowes, Home Depot, Ikea, etc. for a great price.  However, be aware that while they are affordable, they are on the lower end of the quality spectrum.

If you don’t need anything fancy but are looking for a bit more quality than can be offered by ready to assemble cabinets, stock cabinets may be the right choice for you.  These can be purchased in standards sizes, in a plethora of different material options, from the manufacturing company.  Thus, difficult or unique spaces may not be good candidates for this cabinet style.

If you are looking for a great mid-range option that allows for some flexibility, semi-custom cabinetry is a great choice.  Semi-custom cabinetry expands your options to include many more color and material choices.  Furthermore, it allows you to upgrade stock cabinets with customized features or purchase a specific sized cabinet that is made to order.

If your budget is not an issue and you wish to maximize your kitchen to its highest potential, custom cabinets are the way to go.  While they are the highest on the price scale, they also boast of unparalleled quality.  Since you call all the shots, you can rest assured your cabinets will be to your exact specifications.  This means you pick the size, construction, materials, style, and hardware.  With custom cabinets, you can have nearly any kind of design your heart desires.

The Right Cabinet Door Style

One important design element involved in selecting cabinetry is the door style.  Your cabinets make a statement; as such, the panel choice you make will impact the aesthetic of the entire kitchen.  Once you have selected your cabinet style, it will be easier to make other corresponding decisions about things like color and hardware.  There are many options available to appeal to every style!

Raised panel cabinet doors are comprised of a floating center panel surrounded by a square, cathedral, or arched framework.  Customers love this timeless look and the way it creates dimension to spice up the kitchen.

Slab cabinet doors are a simple, smooth, but powerful design.  This style is especially popular for those working with small spaces or looking to create a contemporary feel.  Customers love how easily these cabinets can be cared for and the way the simple design allows them to be as creative as they desire with other accents and hardware.

Shaker cabinet doors are another timeless option that works well with any aesthetic.  They are comprised of a recessed center panel surrounded by clean lines.  This beautiful feature adds elegance to any kitchen space.  If you are looking for a bigger wow factor, consider utilizing a beadboard shaker cabinet door.

Mullion cabinet doors can be a stunning addition when applied correctly.  In layman’s terms, mullion simply means glass.  Thus, these cabinet doors provide an excellent way for homeowners to display their decorative dishes within the safe confines of a cabinet.  You can add a few or a lot depending upon your tastes and how many dishes you wish to display.  They often function best when used in correlation with another style of solid cabinet doors. Remember that you should consider how much of your cabinets you wish for guests to see.  If you are seeking to hide your clutter, mullion cabinet doors would be a poor choice.  This style is versatile and can be applied to classic or modern kitchen designs.

Recessed panel kitchen cabinet doors typically feature a square recessed panel.  They are very similar to the design of the shaker cabinet door but offer more sophisticated detail options like beveled edges or other designs.  This option is applicable to a wide range of kitchen styles.

Consider Color

When selecting cabinet color, you can choose from a wide variety of paints and stains.  You should begin by thinking about the entire space and considering what color will complement the whole aesthetic best.  Also, be sure to take into account how different colors will impact your space.

Color is a powerful tool in making spaces appear smaller, larger, and evoke emotion.  Hence, this decision should be carefully weighed out.  If your kitchen is located in a small or cramped location, it is wise to go with a light paint color.  Light colors give the illusion of a larger, brighter, and more open space that can be especially beneficial when your space is limited.

Conversely, if kitchen space is in abundance, you could highlight a deep or dark color.  This will make the space feel warm, inviting, and cozy.  This is also an excellent way to achieve a more classic appearance.

If you are looking to work with other features in your kitchen, you might choose to match a color pulled from your backsplash.  This can help encourage a cohesive design scheme.

If you aren’t afraid of going bold, consider adding a bright or contrasting color to bring life and color to your space.  If you choose the bold route, be cautious that the colors you choose are complementary and not tacky.  No one wants a kitchen that clashes.

Many homeowners like to stick with a more neutral cabinet color and add color, texture, and patterns in the other details.  Much of the time, simple and classy goes a long way in making the entire picture mesh well together.

Lastly, remember that you should always pick colors primarily based on the style/theme of your kitchen.  Certain colors provide a more classic or modern feel.  With so many choices available, carefully ponder how the perfect color could make your aesthetic and design dreams come true!

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