If you love to spend time cooking in the kitchen, dirt and grease will eventually accumulate around the kitchen. One of the areas that are often overlooked is the kitchen drawers. The splatters and spills from cooking and the condensation from the temperature outside will cause your kitchen drawers to get dirty quickly. Also, opening and closing of the drawers constantly by you or children can cause the drawers to accumulate grease. Unlike your countertop, tabletop, and stove that gets daily wiping down, kitchen drawers are often neglected. Cleaning kitchen drawers may seem like a big task, but it is necessary to maintain the aesthetic look of the drawers and also for sanitary purposes.

How Often Should You Clean the Kitchen Drawers?

It is best to wipe the exteriors of the drawers once every other week. But, you will also have to deep clean the interiors of the drawers once every 2-3 months. Cleaning all the kitchen drawers at once may seem daunting, but you can easily take one drawer at a time to make things easier for you. Maintain a list of the drawers that you have cleaned and the ones that are left so that you do not miss any of them.

How to Deep Clean the Exterior of Kitchen Drawers?

Most of the kitchen drawers made of different materials such as plastic laminate, painted wood, metal, or vinyl drawers can be cleaned using a solution of liquid soap and warm water. Fill the solution on a spray bottle and spray directly on the drawers. Wipe it down using a clean cloth. Don’t forget to get the edges and sides of the drawers. Wipe the excess solution with a dry cloth immediately. You can easily get rid of the dust, smudges, food spills, and mild grease from the drawers. You can use all-purpose cleaner too, but make sure to do a spot test to ensure it won’t damage the exterior finish.

How to Clean the Interiors of Kitchen Drawers?

Empty all the drawers and vacuum the drawers to get rid of any residue or crumbs in the drawers. Create a mixture of mild detergent and warm water and wipe them with a damp cloth. Dry the interiors of the drawers using a dry cloth to ensure that there is no water left as it can cause damage or discoloration to the cabinet surface. Before you put back the contents of the drawers, clean them with the solution of warm water and liquid soap. Dry the items before you place them in the drawers again.

How to Remove Grease Build-up on Kitchen Drawers?

To help get rid of the thick grease build-up, you can use a paste of baking soda and water. Rub the mixture on the surface of the drawer using a soft brush. Do not scrape the grease as it will damage the drawer’s finish.

Using the tips mentioned above, you can ensure that your kitchen looks clean and shining throughout the year. The trick here is to ensure not to let dirt and grease from sitting on the drawers for long that it can be challenging to get rid of down the line.

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