spa bathroom, How to Create the Perfect Spa Bathroom

If you’ve ever dreamt about having a spa in the privacy of your own home, you should know that it’s now easier than ever to make that dream come true. We all need some time for ourselves, to relax and unwind after a long day and get ready for a new one. Having a spa that you can use every day will definitely help you with that and here is what you could do to transform your bathroom into a place of luxury.

Colours and natural textures
There is a good reason why so many people like to go out into nature in order to find peace and relaxation. However, if we bring some of the nature into our homes, can’t we get the same result? Of course, we can. A natural stone wall, deep wood colouring and potted plants, to name but a few natural elements, can all help us achieve the desired effect of natural serenity. When it comes to colours, darker, muted shades are preferable, since they give a more laid-back feeling. Many Australians have realised that and are now ditching bright and light colours.

Isolate the tub
You can’t really get the spa-like feeling if your tub is next to your washing machine and/or toilet, for example. Try to separate the tub from the rest of the space or at least install a divider with a cultural/oriental design to it to make it as isolated as possible. Since the tub is a crucial element, make sure it provides that feel-good factor every time you use it.

Invest in a Jacuzzi tub
If you can afford it, investing in a Jacuzzi tub will take your bathroom to the next level. Just imagine relaxing in a full tub, while the bubbling water disperses the natural scents from the essential oils and soaps! Or how about the steam helping you cleanse your face while being totally relaxed? However, be careful to inspect the installations before you bring in your precious little addition. If you notice that there’s a leak somewhere, immediately call professionals, such as these experts in emergency plumbing from Gold Coast, to inspect and fix the problem.

Luxury soft linens
You don’t want to spoil the whole experience of soaking in warm water by using old, rough towels. No, you want soft and fluffy ones, just like those you’d get in a real spa. Adding the right towels (and rugs alike) is a cheap but very efficient way of creating a spa-style bathroom. It’s even better if you have heated towel rails, which will help you remain cosy and calm long after you get out of the bath, regardless of the temperature outside (and we know how cruel the climate in Australia can be).

Artsy elements
You can also go for artsy fixtures to make your home spa even more inviting. The more interesting the fixtures, the more it’ll feel like a real spa. Think about artsy sinks like raised leaf-shaped bowls and natural stone sinks. Geometric mirrors are also an option, and so are small and exotic rubber plants. If possible, you might even consider adding a small fireplace, why not?

Make use of flat surfaces
You can’t imagine a home spa without scented candles, right? Still, you need some flat surfaces to put such candles on without the fear you’ll start a fire. You can use a simple alcove, for instance, to get that candlelight going and you won’t have to be afraid that your shower curtains, if you have them, will catch fire.

Investing in your bathroom is always a good idea. If you want to sell your house, you’ll be able to get more money for it. On the other hand, if you wish to remain in it, you’ll notice how the quality of living in it has improved. Creating a mini spa in your home should, therefore, be seen as a shrewd investment, rather than expenditure.