bathroom, How to Design an Electic Bathroom

If the first thing that comes to mind when you hear eclectic is a mixture of everything and anything – you’re semi-right. While the eclectic design allows you to experiment way more than any other design does, it still requires thoughtful decorating. You can’t just throw in all the colours, patterns and items from every era you like, because then you’ll be facing a whole lot of mess. Instead, you should check out some of the suggestions for designing an eclectic bathroom, and start your journey from there.

Go with varied textures

Playing with textures is probably one of the best things about the eclectic design. Unlike typical bathrooms, an eclectic one will allow you to experiment with textures and materials in many ways. Think about matching wood and stone, matte and shiny finishes as well as soft and hard surfaces. Modern with vintage, polished with distressed, old with the new – that’s what eclectic design will allow you to mix and match without making you sacrifice the uniqueness. Therefore, feel free to place a stone bathtub and make it a focal piece in your eclectic bathroom. A blend of crushed marble, limestone, and travertine will be a one-of-a-kind addition to your modern bathroom and create a whimsical contrast to the wooden cabinetry. Shelves of different styles and colours, a brand-new wicker basket alongside an old wooden chair are all you need for the perfect balance of old and new.

Add rustic elements

Rustic elements in combination with contemporary design are all you need for a lovely eclectic bathroom. Think about placing a rough-hewn, hand-distressed bench alongside a claw-foot tub for a dose of vintage and flair. Before you install a tub, make sure your drains are in good condition to avoid any malfunctions in the future. In order to stay carefree and enjoy your baths, fix your blocked drains by turning to experts who will deal with the issue in no time. Rustic soap dispensers, soap dishes, as well as rustic containers for toiletries, can be just the perfect contrast to other contemporary elements in your bathroom.

Introduce contrasting colours

A carefully thought out mixture of colours is the key to a beautiful eclectic design. However, don’t get carried away, but look for items that will make the shades you picked out work well together and create a cohesive appearance. Make your favourite colour the centre part of the design, and work with a few other hues to see if they will match your key shade. Don’t mix more than four colours if you want to achieve a balanced yet unique look.

An assortment of accessories

If you like to accessorize, then you’ll love eclectic design because this is precisely the design that will allow you to go crazy with accessories. Do you too have numerous antique items lying around the attic not knowing where to place them? Well, fortunately, you can make it a part of your eclectic bathroom design. A Buddha figurine, a rubber ducky and all the cute family heirlooms you had no idea where to put and even considered selling at the next yard sale – they can all look great in your eclectic bathroom. When you’re looking for those statement details that will discreetly give charm and character to your bathroom, pay attention to the long-forgotten vintage items in your home. Even paintings that don’t look good in the living room or a hallway anymore can give a dose of style to your bathroom.

Designing an eclectic bathroom is one of the best ways to express your creativity. Mix and match elements from various eras, combine different styles, colours and textures in order to design the perfect modern eclectic bathroom.