When renovating your home, the kitchen should always be the first thing that comes to mind. A kitchen with a modern layout is not only functional but it also makes your home look modern and elegant. But as with any home improvement project, remodeling your kitchen can be stressful and extremely expensive. That is why you need help in designing your kitchen without having to hire a pro.

Whether you are operating on a tight budget or you want to put your designing skills to test, these tips are for you.

  1.      Get the most of the available space

A modern house needs to have a space for the cooking apparatus, refrigerator, and cooking supplies. You will also need a space for the guests and a space for your cooking preps. You, therefore, need to organize the kitchen cabinets in a way that the utensils that you use often are on top and easier to access as compared to those that you don’t use much.

If you could hang some of the apparatus on the wall or have a hanging pot holder for your pots, the better for your space. And because your kids and visiting kids will be entering the kitchen every now and then, make it as kid-friendly as possible. Keep the stove and any cutting object out of reach of children.

Would you love a kitchen with a game console, a computer, a TV, and a study desk? Well, if your space allows, then that would be a great idea. Dedicate one corner of the kitchen for this, avoiding the cooking and prep areas.

  1.      Think about the lighting

Enough supply of natural light will make your kitchen lively and elegant. If your current window isn’t bringing in enough light, consider widening it or replacing the glass. It could also be that you haven’t wiped the glass panes from the outside; wipe them.

While at it, repaint your kitchen with a unique blend of neutral colors. You can also add a mirror on the wall directly opposite the window so that it can reflect light around the room to make it look brighter.

  1.      The ceiling, floor, and walls

On top of painting the walls, you will need to install tiles up to the level where water from the sink can splash. As of the floor, you can have ceramic tiles of different colors for the prep area and the seating/guest area. Choose tiles that match well with the color of your walls. The ceiling, on the other hand, ought to be higher in the kitchen than in the rest of the rooms. Consider raising it a bit in order to make the kitchen appear spacious and for fresh air to circulate easily and faster.

Changing your curtains can also be great in your kitchen makeover. Install curtains that match with the walls. You can also paint the cabinets, kitchen furniture, and shelves to make them match with the other décor.

  1.      Kitchen wall pictures

At a budget-friendly price, you can acquire great kitchen wall pictures that will contemporize your kitchen and help boost your appetite. There is a wide range of these types of pictures, all of them bearing appetizing and inspiring food images and recipes. All you will need to do is choose the pictures that bear the images of your favorite foods and then hang it strategically on the walls. It can even be a picture of your favorite drink.

  1.      Display your art collections

Now that you released some space after organizing your kitchen cabinet and shelves- and hanging some tools on the wall, now it is time to put that space to good use. If you have a collection of art, use those spaces to display them for your visitors to see. If you have carvings that are relevant to food and beverages, those would be the best additions. However, because water splashes can damage your art in the kitchen, get some glass protectors to keep water at bay.

  1.    Try a modern outline 

After all the painting and creation of space, the last thing would be to decide which outline your kitchen will take. You can opt to make it U-shaped, G-shaped, or L-shaped among other layouts. How you position the base cabinets, wall cabinets, tables, and other heavy stuff will determine the final shape of your kitchen.