Deciding on a new home renovation project is a great first step toward upgrading your property. Once the contractor finishes their work, the end result will look spectacular. But before you start idealizing the finished product, you need to think about everything the process entails.

Home renovations can be very dangerous for those performing the work and those in the surrounding area. And if you have children, these safety risks are multiplied. Here’s how you can keep your kids safe during home renovations.

Talk It Out 

Your child won’t know about the dangers if you don’t teach them. Don’t try and shield them from the information. Now is the time to tell them exactly what’s happening in their home and what they need to be aware of.

Set aside ample time to discuss the construction process with them before the renovations begin. Make sure they know the risks of interfering with the process. You don’t need to scare them, but you need to be firm when discussing this topic, as this will make it clear how dangerous the consequences could be if your child interferes with the renovation process. You might even consider having the contractor give your child advice about how to navigate the process because they know the risks better than anyone.

Know the Hazards 

Now that you’ve told them the basics, it’s your responsibility to learn the specifics. There are some potential dangers that your children won’t understand; therefore, you need to take it upon yourself to learn the consequences of stepping into each area.

Sit down with your contractor and ask them where the dangers are and how you and your family should navigate them for the remainder of the project. Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the better. Once you know where the dangers lie, you can start to research alternatives and safety strategies for you and your family.

Lock It Down 

Playtime is over. At the very least, it needs a new location while the contractor works on your home. Depending on the renovation project, you’ll need to rezone some of the areas inside and outside your home. Take the necessary measures to ensure your children are safe from equipment like dumpster rentals and other tools and supplies around the property.

Block off some areas for the time being and explain to your kids why those areas are off-limits. Make sure that the entire area is blocked—not just the section people are working in. Debris and loose nails can be common during construction projects, and you want your children as far away from those dangers as possible.

Remain Alert 

Always remain alert. You may tell your children one thing, but they may still miss the beat when it comes to following directions. Keep an eye out for any potential dangers, and make sure you know where your children are during the renovations.

Never let them wander into the renovation area on their own. This may seem like overkill, but accidents can happen at any time, and you want to work hard to avoid them.

Keeping your kids safe during home renovations is just one thing you need to consider when renovating your home. There are many things you need to assess and finalize, which is why it’s crucial that you give yourself plenty of time to review the entire process.