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Sewers or sewer lines are invisible to the eyes as they are underground, so homeowners often do not notice if there are problems until the last minute. If these are left unattended, broken sewers may lead to flooding, property damage, and an increase in expenses.

Ignored broken sewers also cause health problems mostly because of molds and mildew. The most common symptoms are frequent sneezing and coughing; irritation on the nose, throat, and skin; sinus congestion; red or itchy eyes; fatigue; rashes; difficulty breathing; fever; and lower and upper respiratory infection.

The ideal thing to do is get in touch with experienced plumbers. If you’re not sure what to watch out for, there are telltale signs around the home and surroundings that help you, and other household members recognize the need for repair.

Sewer lines need repair if the water level of your toilet fluctuates.

Ask a professional plumber to check your sewer line if your toilet’s water level is inconsistent. If the water level was high yesterday and then incredibly low today, there might be a problem with your sewer. If this is not checked and corrected right away, it will lead to more significant damage.

Sewer lines need repair if your shower or sink is slow-draining.

Have you ever experienced washing dishes in the sink, and then water suddenly came back up the drain? This unusual but common incident is an indication that your sink is slow-draining. There may be a blockage or an intrusion in your sewer line.

Quick fixes tools like the products you buy from supermarkets may help, but these are only temporary and do not solve the problem. Also, these cleaners have chemicals, which means they’ll cause more trouble in the long run when the pipes start to weaken.

Sewer lines need repair if there are sewer backups and blockages.

When you flush the toilet, were there instances when the sewage backed up? These backups, especially when they happen regularly, are symptoms of a bigger problem that involves the main sewer line. It becomes an even bigger issue if the drains are blocked.

Sewer lines need repair if there is a foul or gas odor covering your home.

Sewer lines in good working condition are tightly sealed. They do not give off any odor. If your house suddenly has a foul or gas-like odor, your sewer line may have a leak or leaks. Any smell that comes out of your plumbing is toxic and dangerous.

You’ll have to call a professional plumber once the foul smell starts coming out of the drains.

Also, if unusual sounds are emanating from the drain or any other fixture in your home (Write for Us), this indicates the presence of sewer problems.

Sewer lines need repair if your lawn or yard area has soggy, swamp-like patches.

If you’re worried about sewer problems, take a look at your lawn and see if it is soggy or watery. No matter how small the area is, if it looks and feels like a swamp, you have to get in touch with a professional plumber. Don’t wait for your soggy, swampy lawn to give you more severe problems.

Another indication that you have a broken sewer line is septic waste in your lawn or yard.

Sewer lines need repair if your lawn has indentations and is lush and greener.

This may come as a surprise, but if you notice your lawn suddenly becoming lush and green even if everything else is dry and brown, it is a sign that your sewer lines leak. The green patches of grass usually gather by the plumbing pipes. They look lush and healthy because your sewage acts as a fertilizer.

Indentations on your lawn are also symptoms of sewage issues, especially if the soil surrounding it is saturated.

Sewer lines need repair if there are molds and mildew all over your home.

Water that comes from a broken sewer line gets inside your home and causes wet spots on the floors, walls, and ceilings. If left unattended, these water leaks will attract molds and mildew, which can spread fast and cause significant damage to your property.

Molds and mildew are also a threat to the health of all household members.

Sewer lines need repair if there are sinkholes or cracks in the walls and foundation of your home.

If your main sewer line has leaks untreated for a long time, cracks start to form in the walls and foundation of your home. In extreme situations, this may even create sinkholes. Your house’s structure weakens, and this may lead to the entire foundation collapsing.

A professional plumber must examine the situation and determine if the problem is your sewage or if a different issue is causing the cracks and sinkholes.

Sewer lines need repair if there is a sudden increase in rodent activity.

Some homeowners install a camera in their sewers to monitor if there are rodents in the area. This practice is an effective way to determine if your line needs repairs. The sudden increase of rodents means your main sewer line has cracks. Having rats anywhere in your home is already dangerous, but if they are in your sewage, it becomes a bigger problem because of the health risks associated with breathing rodent urine-infested sewer systems.

Sewer lines need repair if pests/insects are infesting your home.

Pests/Insects infesting your home also signify the presence of cracks in your sewer line. Hiring a pest control company to manage the situation helps but only for a short time. It won’t put an end to your pest problems. The best solution is to have your sewer fixed by qualified professional plumbers.

Sewer lines need repair if your plumbing problems are piling up, and the issues never get solved.

If your plumbing issues pile up week after week, or if the same problems crop up all at once, you might have serious sewer damage. If your toilet is clogged and water in your kitchen sink backs up, you need the help of a professional plumber.

Hiring the services of a professional plumber is always the best defense when sewage problems crop up, but knowing what signs to watch out for helps homeowners act on the issue before the situation gets worse.


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