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Dusting, wiping, and mopping should be an indispensable part of one’s regular chore list. Those tasks are what keep our homes, offices, schools, and shops clean, so it’s hard to imagine leaving them off that chore list.

There will come a time, however, when regular cleaning tasks just won’t cut it. You can dust and wipe and mop day in and day out, but there will always be spots within a structure where dust accumulates, and grime builds up. It’s also possible that your place is already bursting at the seams with things you never use like damaged bicycles, old metal furniture, and other types of junk that will be more at home in scrap metal recycling shops.

When that time comes, you will have to embark on a major cleanup project, which can be challenging on so many levels. Here are some tips that will make it a lot easier for you.

Set A Start Time To Get The Ball Rolling

We know that we have to do some deep cleanup at some point, but we always put them off for whatever reason that gets into our heads.

The only way you can get your cleanup project off the ground is to set a start time for it.  Understandably, getting started is the most difficult part, but if you only take it seriously and set a start time on your calendar, you should be able to get the ball rolling. Once you get things going, continuing the whole thing and seeing it through will tend to be easier, as tasks will appear to be more manageable.

Of course, setting a start time also means you have to make adjustments to your work or school schedule so you can focus on your major cleanup project when it’s time to do it.

Go On Decluttering Mode

Living in a consumer-driven society has enabled us to buy whatever we want that we can afford (though sometimes we also purchase things we can’t). So we spend our money on tons of clothing, shoes, electronics, toys, motorcycles, cars, etc.

The problem is, there will come a time when we no longer use or want to use them. Yet there they are, taking up space in a place with very limited amounts of it. Worse, all that clutter lying around presents a tripping risk, or simply stresses you out.

Cleaning your place will be so much easier when you get so many of the things you no longer use out of the way. On top of that, decluttering your place from top to bottom is going to provide numerous other benefits, from boosting your productivity and creativity to health-related ones.

For your smaller belongings that you want to get rid of, prepare two boxes. Designate one for donations, while the other should be labeled as trash.

For bigger stuff that you can’t just dump into your neighborhood dumpster, you might want to consider a dumpster rental. By renting a dumpster that’s big enough for your needs, you should be able to dispose of old bikes, beat-up cars, broken appliances, rusty metal furniture, worn-out rubber tires, and even debris from a previous or ongoing renovation and make your cleanup project an easy one.

Draw Up A List of Tasks

With your place finally free of clutter, it’s time to get a lot of cleaning done. For a more organized approach to the cleanup, it’s best to create a task list that will serve as your guide throughout the whole thing. Identify which areas to do first, then break down the smaller tasks that will help you move your cleanup project forward.

If you can divide those tasks into smaller ones, then that would also be great. If you’ve scheduled the kitchen cupboard for cleaning, for example, think first about washing and drying the dishes or kitchen implements that have been there for some time before proceeding to wipe down all of the cupboard’s interior surfaces.

Deep cleaning your place is not an easy thing to do. It can even be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Hopefully, the tips shared above can help you start and finish any cleanup project with ease.

About the Author

Lauren Klesser is the Content Marketing Strategist for Happy Little Dumpsters, a dumpster rental & hauling service provider in Virginia. When not writing, she enjoys reading books and graphic novels as well as playing tennis with her family and friends.