DIY interior design, How To Make Your Home Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer

Some people have a noticeable flair for interior design. It seems like every piece featured in a room has a purpose and adds value to the atmosphere. Unfortunately, hiring an interior designer isn’t realistic for everybody.

If you’re trying to put a high-end spin on your DIY interior design skills, here are some helpful tips to make your home look professionally put together.

Personalize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Unfortunately, it tends to be generic for a lot of people. Designers are moving away from traditional kitchen decor and adding a splash of personality to this room, with bold features and custom art. They’re finding a balance between form and function, creating a useful space that’s welcoming in both use and appearance.

To personalize your kitchen, open things up and make your dishes a part of the decor. You can easily install DIY floating shelves to display art canvases or brightly colored plates and bowls that double as an accent piece with your design scheme. Capitalize on the space you have by installing RTA cabinets with added trundle drawers and storage features to help keep the space tidy and streamlined. RTA cabinets are easy to put together and give your kitchen a modern look without requiring specialized assembly assistance.

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Indulge in Luxury for Bedrooms and Bathrooms

A budget is top-of-mind for many DIY home design aficionados. Fortunately, you don’t need to break the bank to add luxurious touches in a few key areas.

When investing in luxurious decor pieces, focus on the bedroom and bathrooms. Creating a Hygge-inspired existence in the bathroom creates a space that’s reminiscent of a luxury spa. With the right decor features, this room could become your private escape from the world. Open up the shower with glass and tile or make the room seem bigger with an oversized mirror.

Your bedroom is another area worth focusing on when using rich textiles and aesthetically-pleasing luxe touches. Add a luxurious wall-mounted headboard using soft fabric, like velvet. Add a bench at the foot of the bed for extra seating and a welcoming touch. Well-placed, floor-length curtains and a soft rug are just a few designer-inspired touches that add a sense of elegance and taste.

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Use Texture and Layers

A common theme across all interior design ideas is the blending of textures and layers. You don’t just want to see a room; you want to feel it. In the bedroom, that soft rug under your feet induces a sense of calm and relaxation. Layered blankets and throw pillows in the living room create a multi-faceted sensation when unwinding at the end of the day.

Color is important, but it isn’t everything. Interior designers take risks, layering different patterns, and taking a bold approach to decor. To have your home look professionally designed, you’ll need to think outside the box.

Keep Flow in Mind

The flow of the room is another essential consideration when trying to make your home look professionally designed. It might take some maneuvering to find your balance between making the room look overcrowded or too sterile.

Consider using a room planning app to virtually reorganize your furniture and find the best flow. Look up designer-inspired room layouts and take note of some of their tricks of the trade. The idea is to be able to get around the room without hitting a barrier.

Learn Your Color Wheel

There’s a big difference between contrasting and clashing. Using a color wheel can help you walk that fine line. There are plenty of free apps online that will let you put in your color code and present complimentary, contrasting, analogous, and triadic color matchings to fuel your inspiration.

When you understand the color wheel, you’ll learn that sometimes it’s not the color itself that goes, but the specific shade. Playing around with an online color wheel will help you get that enviable DIY interior designer eye for decorating.

Take Your Time with Planning

Remember that there’s no rush when trying to create the ideal room. You may have watched reality home design shows that compress everything into half-hour segments. These shows are presenting the tip of the iceberg. The professionals featured are experienced, with pre-planned designs that they can adapt as needed.

Take your time to find what you want, from the wall color to the tiniest accessory. Create a vision board or use Pinterest to put your plans together. Then, you can start to pick away at it over time.

Patience and selectivity are essential when trying to make your home look like you hired an interior designer. Practice both to get the home of your dreams within your budget.

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