You don’t have to feel cramped and closed-in inside your home. The size of your home may be small, but that doesn’t mean it needs to feel that way. You can easily make your home feel and look more spacious with just a few adjustments.

Get Some New Floors 

Check out your current floors. Now try and picture some new ones. Changing the flooring in your home can make a huge difference. Darker colors tend to make rooms look smaller and more closed off. If you change out the flooring for some lighter wood or even change the tile, the rooms will feel bigger.

The great thing about wood floors is you can choose from several different types of materials and colors. Light grey colors make for good contrast against natural lighting. The combination will open up your home completely.

Change out the Windows 

Speaking of natural lighting, the windows are next on your list. Replacing your current windows with bay windows adds more space to your home. They come in different sizes. Depending on how open you want your home to look, you need to choose the right one.

Make sure you survey the window options meticulously. When you speak with your contractor, have them show you an example before you commit to one style. These style windows are perfect candidates for natural lighting, and they really speak to the essence of your home. Remember, windows are the eyes of your house.

One Room at a Time 

Don’t try and tackle everything at once. Take it one room at a time. This way you get to survey the places that are truly cramped and the ones you can fix with just some simple decorations. Take a good look at your kitchen and survey the problem areas.

Maybe you need some new cabinets or you might just need to add an island to the room. People often have the misconception that an island will make your kitchen look smaller. This is not always necessarily the case. A strategically placed island with the right countertops can open the entire room.

Install Crown Molding 

If your home does not already have crown molding, you need to get some. For one thing, they are an elegant addition to your home, but like the previous three tips, they also make your rooms look bigger. Crown moldings make your ceilings look higher and higher ceilings give the illusion of a bigger room.

They enhance the visual appeal and hide any imperfections when the eyes automatically look upward. Higher ceilings in a room also create depth and character, helping to reinforce the designs and presentation of your home.

After you apply these adjustments to your home, watch how it magically transforms and looks more spacious than when you first purchased it.