Homeowners are always looking for ways to improve their home on the inside and out, both to secure the investment they made as well as up their curb appeal (and eventual resale value). But even if you aren’t planning to move for quite some time, upgrading your home can be a fun way to elevate your living space and make life easier for yourself. One great way to upgrade your home, that doesn’t take much time at all, is installing smart home appliances and devices.

Over the years, the smart home trend has really exploded. Though once thought to be a fleeting fad, the recent developments of technology have proved this trend is here to stay. Homeowners love the convenience that these devices provide, and appreciate the added safety value as well. In fact, many homeowners insurance companies have jumped in on the action as well, offering their customers discounts for installing these safety features throughout their homes.

But if you are new to the smart home market, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Hardware stores across the country are choc-full of devices claiming to be the best, meaning consumers can easily get tricked into purchasing something that isn’t worth their money.

Luckily, the expert home care team at Hippo has put together a great guide on smart tech for an efficient home. From water leak detection services to remote control locks and garage doors, their suggestions will help you in your total home wellness goals without breaking the bank. Take a look at the infographic below and let us know which devices you plan to implement into your home!

 Source: https://www.hippo.com

Smart Home Tech For A Better Home