Shifting your base to another place is indeed stressful as it is a work of large-scale planning and extensive packing. Leaving your house, which is more than walls and ceilings for you, and settling in a new environment, is mentally exhausting and physically taxing. Not only it is laborious, but in some cases, it takes a toll on movers’ emotional health. Regardless of the reason for your move, the procedure is exhausting as every minute thing demands your attention.

Experts recommend that making a to-do list helps in keeping track of things. Below we are listing some tips which will help in making a move a little less stressful:


It is when you start sorting things out for packing; you realize that you have been hoarding unnecessary stuff in your home. Taking all the excess stuff to your new abode will only clutter up your new place and make the process of moving more difficult. It is an ideal time to declutter and get rid of surplus stuff. Make a separate pile of things that you have not used in three months. If you have not used something in such a long time, it is highly unlikely that you will use it ever again. You can either sell or toss excess stuff because taking all the extra things along will make a move more stressful.

Bubble wrap

Packing fragile items is tricky, and transporting them to a new location in one piece is a hassle. You need to handle crockery items, delicate decoration pieces, and electronic appliances carefully, and you must make your bid and pack them safely. Bubble wrap acts as a shield and keeps them safe during transportation.

A lot goes on when you are in the process of shifting, and forgetting a few things is inevitable. We all possess certain items that are precious to us, and we cannot afford to lose them. It is better to book storage units and place our cherished items in them so that we do not dispossess them. Once you have seeped your feet in a new environment, you can bring these things safely into your home.

Clear dues and change address

Many a time, the thought of settling in a new place consume your mind and strength, and you forget domestic stuff related to your existing home. Making a to-do list for your current home will be helpful as it will remind you of the different things you need to do before handing the keys over to new owners. It is vital to clear all the outstanding payments, such as utility bills, as you would not want anyone to chase you in your new locality. Besides, changing the address on the postal service, subscriptions, banks, and other metropolitan stations is another essential step, which many people overlook in the hustle-bustle of moving.

Label the boxes

Packing is an essential step of moving, but not the only thing to do. Experts recommend that you put similar items in one carton and label the boxes. Some people consider marking an additional task and think that they can memorize the contents of different packages. The truth is when you are moving to a new place, so much goes on that you end up forgetting important stuff. When the boxes have detailed written on them, the movers put them in the correct room, which saves you from the trouble of moving the cartons in your new home.

Book movers

Booking movers is an essential aspect of moving, but some people make a mistake of leaving this significant task to the last minute. Usually, people think that movers are available quickly, and calling them at the eleventh hour will be fine. They could not be more wrong as movers may not be able to facilitate you and may have some other prior engagements. It is better to book mover a few days in advance and have a follow-up call a day before the final move.


The procedure of making a new place home is strenuous and demands extreme vigilance. Planning and organizing tasks take some burden off your shoulder and make the process stress free. Most of us are aware of basic things like arranging boxes and letting acquaintances know, but appropriate preparation will make the task of shifting like a breeze.

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