All kitchens have standard appliances, including a refrigerator, stove, sink, and even a microwave. But this doesn’t mean your kitchen needs to be a carbon copy of the one next door or even the one from your childhood. Making this space reflect your style and taste is easier than you think. Here’s how to perfect and personalize your kitchen.

A Splash of Color 

Color makes everything brighter and better. Plus, it’s the perfect personal touch because most kitchens have white walls. You can either choose to paint one wall, all walls, or no walls. If you don’t want to paint, that’s okay too. Small fixtures like dish towels, vases, or even a toaster can introduce a splash of color.

Gather as many color palettes as you can and lay them against the walls. Start off by buying some of the smaller fixtures to see how they work within your kitchen before deciding on a hue for the walls. Whatever color you choose, make sure it works with the natural and artificial lighting in the kitchen.

The Little Things 

Remember the golden rule. The personality is in the details. The little things will set your kitchen apart from others. When guests walk in, they’ll get a sense of your style simply because you paid attention to the finer details.

Don’t focus on the bigger appliances to make your kitchen special because everyone has a stove and a fridge. However, the type of countertop or knobs you choose can make a statement. Mixing and matching kitchen cabinet hardware can show creativity in this space.

Some of This, Some of That 

Never be afraid to incorporate a little of this and that. Mixing traditional and modern styles inside any space sounds tricky. In theory, the ideas should conflict, but they can actually pull together very well.

The trick is not overpowering one over the other. Create an equal blend of the two styles. For example, you can incorporate a traditional style with a modern spin to it. To do this, you may add vintage patterns with stainless steel products. Always keep the kitchen remodel budget in mind with every decision.

Conversation Starters

Who says conversation starters are only for the living room? Guests can admire and comment on a nice piece in any room. And the kitchen is a great place. It helps to make it consistent with the other rooms in the house.

Add a conversation piece that flows with the rest of the décor in other rooms. A beautiful piece of art that the light hits just right is a good start. Choosing art could be difficult, so don’t rush. You want the piece to honor your taste.

During the process of perfecting and personalizing your kitchen, remember the golden rule: it should be fun.