If you just bought a bunch of new gardening equipment, gear related to your hobbies, and other bric-a-brac, you may realize that you need storage space because you have no room inside your home to store these things. Prefabricated and custom-built garages and sheds are the perfect extensions to any home or business because they provide extra space and functionality to your home.

If you think these ready-made garages and sheds are just made all the same, then you’ll be surprised to learn that this is not the case. It would be best if you had a garage or storage area that suits your needs in terms of size, style, build quality, and accessories. All these factors spell the difference between temporary garages and sheds that you can discard after one season or a durable one that can last you for decades. Here are some things that you must think of when you’re looking for your new garages and sheds design .

Storage Size

The size is the most important criterion on the list because you can pick from a mini barn to a quaker shed that offers a broad range of storage space. The shed or garage size will determine how much stuff you can store, whether it’s gardening tools, snow equipment, or boxes of stuff. Keep in mind that the price increases the bigger your shed size. You must pick something that can fit your needs with a little room to grow. Don’t pick a design that’s too big either because you’ll just be tempted to horde clutter.


Shed or Garage Style

When it comes to style, you are spoilt for choice. If you want something to last you a long time, pick something pleasing to the eye. There are canopy garages, one-car or two-car garages, and full functional garages that can double as a recreation area. As for sheds, an a-frame shed that looks like an eye-catching Amish structure and a high wall barn that’s fully functional are two of the most popular designs that do not break the bank.

Shed or Garage Material 

The material you choose is the determining factor of your chosen shed or garage’s longevity. Those that are made from thick weatherproof plastic and vinyl are more durable because these materials do not corrode or rust. If you pick a more affordable wood, this is more prone to rot and decay in just a few years as it is continuously exposed to harsh environmental elements. You also need to perform regular maintenance for wood. In the same token, metal sheds are very cheap, but they do come with a price of rusting in just a year or two.

Color Factor

Color adds beauty, and it is purely an aesthetic consideration. There are various colors of sheds or garages that you can choose from made by multiple suppliers. Ideally, you must pick one that matches or complements the color of your home. You don’t want something that steals from the curbside appeal of your house.

Added Options 

You can customize your shed or garage based on your needs. It would be helpful to add shelves to organize your things. Pegboards and hooks can be installed for added functionality. Gable vents are placed for improved air circulation. Some choose to add ramps for easy access to heavy things that are on wheels. Ultimately, the final decision on how to keep your garage or shed neat and clean is based on your preference.

Bottom Line

These garages and vents are an essential component of modern living. You need to ensure that you buy your shed or garage materials from the best company, so you can enjoy stylish designs that can be installed properly. These home extensions are not cheap, so it is best to do your research so that you can find the best shed or garage that suits your active lifestyle.

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