Some Arlington roofing companies say, making repairs on your roof or undergoing a complete roof replacement can be a complicated affair. But, there are some things you can do to properly prepare that will make your experience much less stressful and much more efficient. Take a look at the following suggestions before you begin your roof repair or replacement journey.

Do Your Homework
Don’t assume the first roofer that comes in with a reasonable price is the roofer for you. You need to check some boxes first to make sure you’re getting a quality product with quality service. First, make a list of all potential roofers in your area. Then use the following criteria to narrow that list down to three candidates. A quality roofer should be able to provide you with a copy of their insurance, their license (if required by the state), certifications by reputable roofing associations, a high rating with the Better Business Bureau, a list of references by past customers, and the guarantee they will designate a specific site manager as your point of contact for the job.

Once you’ve narrowed your list down based on these criteria, you can further investigate your top three options. These contractors should come out to your home to inspect your roof before providing an estimate. The estimate should be signed in writing, and they should never offer to give an estimate over the phone before inspecting the roof.

Prepare The Exterior Of Your Home
To get your home ready for roofing work, clear out all the things that can become damaged by falling debris. A good roofer isn’t going to be careless with the material, but accidents do happen from time to time. Clear all vehicles away from the space including the driveway. Remove all patio furniture, grills, outdoor equipment, children’s toys, bikes, etc.

Protect Your Kids And Pets
Depending on the extent of the roofing work needed, you may need to stay at a friend or neighbor’s house. At the very least, you may need to kennel your pets or have them stay at another house so that they don’t walk outside at the wrong time. Keep your kids indoors while work is being done during the day so that they aren’t at risk to falling debris.

Prepare Your Yard
The roofing crew will perform a post roofing cleanup to remove all nails and other debris from your yard and the surrounding area. But, you can help them out by cutting your grass short beforehand so that cleanup will be easier. If you’re having work done in the fall, make sure you rake up all leaves in the yard.

Whether you’re having a little work done, getting some major roof repairs, or undergoing a complete roof replacement, taking the time on the front end to choose the right contractor will help your experience go a lot more smoothly. Preparing your expectations and your home will help the process move smoothly, ensuring the roofers can get in, do their job, and leave with minimal hiccups.