Are you looking for new opportunities in your home? Not every makeover project needs to involve working on the basement and kitchen or doing an add-on. Lots of homes have plenty of potential right above them. You guessed it—the attic is a promising area. With the right contractor, you can make magic happen. But first, learn how to prepare your attic for remodeling.

Learn the Codes and Permits

The area may seem small, but an attic remodel is actually a large renovation project you must prepare for. You need to be ready for every facet that comes with the territory. Don’t think you only need to hire a contractor.

Learn about the local building codes and permits first. You need to know if an actual remodel is possible. There may be some restrictions regarding the height and spacing of the attic. Next, you need to research if your home will require permits for the remodel. Check with your HOA to get a head start.

Map Out the Cost

Again, the area may be small, but the pricing is not. The cost of an attic remodel can go up to $25,000. This includes insulation, ducts and vents, a new HVAC system, and more—the list goes on. To avoid any surprises, map out the price for everything.

Create a budget for what you can afford. If there are cheaper alternatives for some things, explore them. Just don’t do so at the expense of your own home. You don’t want to cut corners and risk having an imperfection in the renovation. Things like recycled materials are cheaper options that won’t ruin the remodel.

Clean and Remove 

Once you get a better idea of the renovation pricing, you need to get down and dirty. You don’t frequent the attic often, so you can probably expect to see a mess up there. Put on protective gear and cover all exposed skin while cleaning out the attic.

If you want to save even more money, you can remove the insulation by yourself and have the contractors handle the rest of the work. However, you need to remove everything first. This might be a task that takes a few days.

Have a Vision 

Always go into every renovation project with a vision. Never attempt to do a makeover in an area of your home without knowing how you want it to look. Did you choose to remodel the attic for an extra bedroom, a craft room, or an office space?

While the contractor is hard at work, you can start making a new budget for furniture and all the finishings. Start looking around and shopping, but don’t make any purchases yet. Some issues could happen along the way, and saving your money for possible problems is always smarter.

All home remodel projects start with some preparation, and the attic is no different. Once you cross that hurdle, things will start to fall into place.