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There are many things that can be done to increase your home’s worth, from minor projects like a fresh coat of paint to major repairs such as replacing the roof or adding modern gadgets to increase efficiency. Either way, the time and money you strategically invest in making your house look stunning will position it well on the market and make your efforts worth your while. So, let’s take a look at some of the improvements that can bring about some profit once you decide to relocate.


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This is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to give your house a much-needed facelift. Rooms that are freshly painted look clean as well as new. Opt for neutral colors like white, gray or stone, since they are the ones that appeal to the widest array of people, making the home more desirable. Since a gallon of paint roughly costs around $25, you should have plenty of money left for all the necessary accessories like rollers, tape, drop cloths and brushes.

Replace the Windows and Doors

You’d be amazed at just how much new doors and windows can add to the overall appeal, both inside and out. However, this upgrade does not solely serve the purpose of aesthetic improvement. It can reduce noise inside the home, stop the heat from escaping thus lowering the heating bills, keep the indoors cool in hot summer months and increase the amount of natural light. Consider adding a French door to the backyard for a touch of elegance and the feeling of open space. Properly positioned, the windows and doors can highlight a beautiful view or help minimize a not so appealing one.

Add to the Curb Appeal

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Make your front yard inviting to guests and potential buyers. Accentuate the walkway with flowers or lanterns, place some lush plants, replace the mailbox and add some outdoor lights. Of course, your lawn, as the largest most eye-catching surface of both your front and back yard needs to be up to code. If there are any signs of stress or discoloration of the turf, you’ll need to make sure to be able to properly treat the issue before putting the property on the market. To make this easier, you can facilitate lawn maintenance by placing automatic irrigation systems and mowing regularly to keep that lush green at its best. Mind you, avoid mowing wet grass since it can damage the lawnmower as well as the grass blades. Why not install a deck you can decorate to your liking, or even build a barbecue or a hot tub outdoors? Not only will you have a cozy place to entertain your guests, but your home value will go through the roof with these strategic improvements.

Spruce up the Kitchen and the Bathroom

Undoubtedly, these are the two rooms the family spends most of their time in. All you need is a mini-remodel to leave potential buyers breathless. Change the colors of the kitchen walls or paint a faux-wood finish onto the cabinets. Choose tiles that complement the overall design. They can even be in stark contrast to the wall color and really pop. Set up a rolling kitchen island and hang a pot rack with fresh new pots and pans to really set the tone of a cozy family place.

Besides its practicality, the bathroom is the place where people want to relax and unwind, as if they were in a spa. Therefore, use granite or marble for countertops and think about replacing the overhead lighting with wall mounts that add warmth and value to the room. One thing that may well seal the deal is heated floors. Once buyers step onto that warm bathroom floor, they won’t want to leave.

Go Green

Home improvements that save energy and lower costs, in the long run, have proven to be extremely appealing to prospective customers. Double-paned windows, enhanced attic insulation, LED lighting, solar panels and modern energy-saving materials increase the value of your residence and are irresistible to environmentally-conscious buyers. Should you decide to go down this energy-saving road, it is advisable to schedule an assessment with a certified energy auditor or even your utility company so you can determine exactly where your home is wasting energy and which upgrades will prove to be most cost-effective.

Investing in your home is never in vain, whether you’re looking to sell or just make it more comfortable for you and your family. Whatever your intention, one thing you can not afford is to neglect your home and its maintenance. Not only will you decrease the value, but all the repairs are going to get more costly as time progresses. A bit of strategy goes a long way, so phase your home improvements to suit your budget and build towards greater value as you go along.

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