Remodeling a home is a massive undertaking, but it has great rewards. On the way to those rewards, though, you may have to endure some chaos, especially if you’re planning to live in your home during the remodeling process. Keep reading to learn how to survive living in your house during a remodel—be prepared for the chaotic process as you progress toward the home of your dreams.

Put Safety First

With so many people and so much equipment coming into and out of your house, everyone must prioritize safety. If you have children, pets, or elderly people living with you, this becomes extra important as they are more vulnerable to accidents. Designate separate spaces for these family members as far away from the remodel area as possible and fill it with necessities and other entertainment items. When they have to emerge, enforce protective clothing items such as closed-toe shoes and hard hats.

Ensure Contractors Stay Safe

Additionally, make sure your contractor is meeting all safety guidelines. Before and during the construction process, check in to make sure all the workers are wearing their protective clothing and using proper equipment such as HEPA vacuums and air filters. This is especially important for projects like installing spray foam insulation, which you can stay home for depending on the scope of the project and if your contractor works safely.

Stay Flexible Always

Flexibility is key to surviving a home remodel. You’ll need to have realistic, flexible deadlines throughout the remodel to make sure everything stays on schedule, and you’ll need to be flexible in how you use the available spaces within your home.

Planning is key to setting a realistic, flexible schedule. Sit down with your contractor and plan out milestones for each step of the remodeling process from the beginning to the end. Transparency and communication as they work toward and reach these milestones will keep everyone happy and realistic and will help you feel comfortable with your flexibility.

Get Creative With Your Living Spaces

While the contractors are remodeling certain rooms, you’ll need to be creative and flexible in how you use other rooms. If your kitchen is out of commission, use the opportunity to get better acquainted with local restaurants and learn how to cook on a hot plate. Create a schedule for the available bathroom while the contractors work on the other one. Develop your camping skills and find a new spot in the house to sleep until your bedroom is done. If flexibility doesn’t come easily to you, just remember that you’re on the way to your dream home, and it will all be worth it in the end.

Learning how to survive living in your house during a remodel comes down to being safe and flexible. As long as you can maintain safety in your home as the work gets done and be flexible around the many working parts, you can survive the remodel process. The result will be a beautiful home that you’ll love for decades.