If your house has a spacious attic, don’t let it look like a place from a horror film. Instead, create some additional living space by turning it into a stylish room you can use every day. Here are some simple tips for doing just that.

Safety first
Before you start doing any work, you have to account for safety. There are several things to consider. First of all, when it comes to the size of your attic, it should follow the ‘rule of 7s’. This means that, once it’s finished, at least half of it has to be no less than 7 feet high, and that this area has to be at least 7 feet in width and a minimum of 70 square feet. If you’re not sure whether your attic falls under this category, have a contractor help you determine all the details and how any possible shortcomings in height can be resolved.

Have your home inspected
Another thing you should hire a professional for is to inspect your home’s framing and foundation, and if they can support the extra weight once the attic is renovated. They can also provide you with advice on how you can solve any problems that may occur in this area. Another thing you should inspect is the roofing. What you want to know is if it has trusses or rafters, so that you know how much space you’ll be able to get from your attic. Although trusses provide better support for the roofing, they might make it difficult to adapt your attic into an open space.

Find a way to climb up (and down)
For an old storage space, pull-down stairs were fine, but for a lovely attic room, you’ll need a stable staircase. You have to assess the space you have and where the stairs will begin. You need to know how much space you’ll lose by installing them and whether it will be better to opt for switchback staircase or a straight one. You also have to make sure that your staircase is big enough for you to maneuver the furniture you’ll use to decorate the room once it’s done. And, finally, bear in mind that you’ll need an emergency exit, so one of the windows in your attic has to be accessible and big enough for anybody to jump through in case something goes wrong.

Insulate it properly
The way you insulate your attic will make a huge difference in the comfort of the space and the energy efficiency of your entire home, since your attic will be the hottest part of your home in summer and the coldest in winter. This means that you should insulate the ceiling and the walls, but also install quality windows, so that it’s easier to regulate indoor temperature there and you get plenty of natural light. Another top-priority thing for temperature regulation is the air conditioning system. Australians know how important this is, since temperatures there can be hellishly high, which is why they always opt for professional air conditioning installation in Sydney, so that they know everything was done according to any regulations and that their attic room won’t be a place they’ll want to avoid because of the heat.

Give your attic a new purpose
Once you’ve done all the preliminary work, it’s time for furnishing your attic and turning it into the exact room you want it to become. For example, if you want one of your children to have a bedroom of their own, this is probably the best option, since you already have the space and you don’t need a home extension. You can convert it into a master bedroom as well. It can even be a guest room, but in that case, consider adding a bathroom to it. If you want to add a bathroom, make sure you plan it well before the conversion, so that you place it above another bathroom or above the kitchen, to make the plumbing easier. Other options include an office, a walk-in closet, a playroom for kids or a home theater for you and your guests to enjoy. The possibilities are many, so choose the one that suits you best.

Instead of leaving it a dark and dusty storage area where all you can expect to find are ghost-nuns and an occasional mouse, why not turn your attic into a room you’ll be more than happy to spend time in? If you follow these tips, you’ll have a perfect attic room in no time.