You’ve found a house that could be the home of your dreams. There’s only one problem. It needs a big home renovation. There are spaces you want to open up. You need it to be brighter. The color scheme isn’t for you. The bathroom needs more. The basement would make a perfect home theater. If you are going to make an offer for this home, you need room in your budget to start your makeover. Take some tips on how to save money on your dream home remodel.

Make a List of Your Priorities

You may have an extensive number of changes you would like to make to the house that has caught your eye. Sit down and make a list of all the modifications that would make you happy. Next, it is time to be realistic. Highlight your priorities. Determine what items on your to-do list can wait. You can always spread out some of your projects over time. Cosmetics are simple. You’ll be able to achieve them right away. Some of your larger, home remodel structural modifications may need to wait.

Create a Reasonable Budget

Once you have a list of specific alterations you are going to make in your dream home remodeling job, you can get an estimation of what your costs will be. You need to take your finances into account as well. As you consider applying for a mortgage, such as a CalVet home loan, you need to know what an affordable monthly payment will be. This will determine how much room you have to spend on your renovation budget. If your list of renovations is too costly, you may need to strike some off the list or look at another home that is in your budget.

Don’t be afraid to be a Bargain Shopper

Far too many homeowners put their projects in the hands of a contractor and let them have free rein. This can result in soaring building costs. You can cut costs when you hunt for bargains. Comb the aisles of your home improvement store. Look for deals, clearance sales, and custom orders that have been returned. You can also shop at building supply warehouses that offer materials at a discount. Your vision for your home may shift when you find that beautiful countertop at a fraction of the cost because it is being discontinued. You can always alter your counter scheme before your home remodel project is underway.

Cash is Better than Credit

Unless you are going to pay off your credit card bill immediately, cash is the way to go for your renovation project. If you do choose credit, look for promotions offered by home improvement stores, such as no interest for one year on your purchase. Figure out how much you will need to pay on a monthly basis to make sure you bring your balance down in time.

Be Confident About Your Own Abilities

If you or your spouse are willing to take on do-it-yourself projects in your home, go for it. There are many more DIY home renovation projects out there than you might think. Most of these DIY projects are easy enough for anyone to do with some basic supplies and tools. Painting and applying wallpaper are something you can easily handle if you so choose. You can use stencils when you want intricate trim work on your walls. There are plenty of flooring options that are easy to lay down if you have the patience. Swapping out appliances can complement your cabinets or flooring. Bring in the experts for major projects. Take on the smaller jobs yourself. You’ll have the pride that comes with knowing you played a role in reshaping your home.

Hire an Affordable Building Team

As you hunt for a contractor, find out who comes highly recommended in your area. Look at testimonials and suggestions from others. Ask for quotes from several. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the lowest bidder. There is usually a negative reason that their costs are lower than the competition. Try working with someone who has an estimate that falls in the middle range.

Be patient once your renovation project begins. It takes time to make your dream home renovations happen. Most contractors will go past their deadline. Your own efforts may move the process along. In the end, it’s all about having a home that makes you happy. Keep the lines of communication open with your building team to get what you want.


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