, Ideas for a Modern Living Room

A living room is often seen as the center of the home and the room that the family will spend the most time in. This should be taken into account when the room is designed and decorated. The room should be presentable and stylish enough to entertain in, but also comfortable enough to be used on a day-to-day basis.

A great thing about choosing the design for a living room is that you can go with an eclectic style and mix and match different aesthetics that fit your taste.


Australian homeowners have been fascinated with the so-called Boho style for a while now and it’s a perfect fit for the living room, since it’s comfortable and filled with small details to catch the eye of the visitor. It stands for the Bohemian style that has always been on that fine line between extravagant and decadent.

It’s important to note that the key to implementing this aesthetic successfully is to think about each piece of furniture on its own since the style allows for extravagant and loud furniture pieces as long as you can fit them with one another.

An artistic room

, Ideas for a Modern Living Room

A living room could be used as an artistic room of sorts. The walls are usually underused in terms of how much art and décor is hanged on them. This is done to create an understated tone in which every art piece is of great importance.

Setting up the living room as an artistic room means going in the opposite direction and using the walls as much as you can, and not shying away from displaying a lot of different art pieces at once. This is a loud and bold statement to make but it then becomes the centerpiece of the room.

A brilliant room

It’s also essential to consider how the lighting will fit in with the design of the living room. Trends go towards having a bright living room and making the lighting the part of décor by using big and noticeable chandeliers and lamps. However, it should also be adaptable enough so that you could dim the lights and make the room more comfortable and versatile in its use.

Since installing the lights is also a decision about home safety and overall energy spending, it’s best to hire an electrician from Northern Beaches to deal with the actual installation process. This will provide you with the same quality of lighting but with smaller energy costs.

, Ideas for a Modern Living Room

Combining furniture styles

Most homeowners are hesitant to combine furniture styles since they are afraid that it would make the room look silly and that they won’t be able to make the room work as a whole. It’s possible to do it and the way to accomplish it is to simply be bold and not worry about creating a living room that’s a bit out there.

Also, it’s essential to understand how important color palettes are when it comes to combining furniture and how much a well-chosen color scheme could help mix different furniture pieces together.

A living room should and could be the most dashing room in the house. It’s probably the place where you entertain guests but also a room to relax and be yourself with your family. This makes it great for an eclectic approach to design in which you can combine different trends and tastes to make a home that’s truly your own.

A modern living room should be decorated with bold strokes and with the furniture pieces that are made to attract attention and be talked about.

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