Plaster of Paris is not a new element; the importance and application of plaster of Paris can be ranging from the ceilings of a room to the windows and doors. From the vintage look to the modern designs are possible but, for the beautiful application well-skilled plasterer is necessary to work and emphasize clear and amazing designs on POP. If you have a close look at the old beautiful residential houses, the work of POP can be properly distinguished.

A plasterer who works for the POP has been working from generations; the artwork has been inherited from several years inspired by the old generation. The work as well as, the skilled hands is still in great demand. Since the workers and laborers are working for years, they have the conception about the way to develop the entire POP design of the space. The workers learn this artwork from their childhood from their elders. Generation after generation, their artwork is passed one after another. Depending on the kind of requirement the art form has changed, converting from the vintage form to modern forms.

How Is the Excellence of POP Expressed In Different Areas Of A House?

You can find an entire house interior designed by the POP as mentioned below:


Skilled plasterer can work on the wonderful and minute artwork, with the touch of artistic designs. Miniature art or modern mounted designs that exhibit on the surface. So, in old houses with entrance walls with POP work has shown a unique influence of artistry. Though different kinds of home designing work are available in the market, the hard work and fineness of the plasterers have provided it a separate everlasting platform.

Increasing the excellence of the walls’ beauty POP is long-lasting and attractive.

Doors and windows

Fine aesthetic work on doors, and windows with a wide framework through POP work can be outraging and eye-catchy, at the same time. The designs are easy to implement on the doors, so the wide doors of the entrances can have the artwork on the frames. No extra effort is necessary to construct the doors and windows with the stunning artwork of the POP. Describing the craftsmanship of the plasterers in POP work on surfaces, who are working generation wise to spread and sustain the artwork.



You will find the colorful false ceiling with the POP artistry work is common and high on demand. While you provide the home decoration contract, after which the main job of a POP plasterer begins. In modern POP false ceiling designs, it is mostly preferred in commercial areas apart from the residential houses because of the fine artwork at a low price.

Skirtings and Dado

Amazing skirtings and dado are possible by the laying of the POP by the plasterer. It provides a miniature outline providing the space and floor a brighter contrast of color with the artwork. The artwork will always express as a highlighter, as it is one of the impressive artworks of the craftsmen or the plasterer.

DIY Of POP and Its Side Effects

If you are not finding a skilled plaster, meanwhile you can find some opportunity. Therefore, you do not want to miss the DIY of Plaster of Paris. In carrying out the POP application, do not overlook the side effects, as the material is toxic. The toxicity of the material may cause problems related to breathing and allergies, so before you start it is suggested to take safety measures.

Use masks to cover the mouth, and wear gloves to cover hands before applying the coats of POP. You can create beautiful art pieces for display as well as wall art.

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