A cabinet maker is a person who works with wood and has expertise in making cabinets. They design, cut, and build wood furniture that accompanies cabinets in homes. If you have a small apartment then you need to hire such cabinet makers to customize your cabinets and storages.

Cabinet makers can choose from a variety of responsibilities taking measurements, designing a cabinet and drawing up blueprints, and even assembling hand crafted cabinets. No matter what responsibility you choose and begin with you will soon fall in love with the intricacy of the work. They can customize your cabinets and increase the storage of your cabinets by adding more shelves and drawers. You can keep your rooms neat and clean by installing such customized cabinets in your home.

How are cabinet makers different from carpenters?

Both the professionals are working with wood. But carpenters work on larger projects and repairs and make overall home furniture while a cabinet maker goes one step further and has a great eye for detail and also works with different kinds of woods for different projects.

Where does a Cabinet maker work?

Cabinet makers can work for a commercial company or an individual company or contractor that takes up cabinetry projects. One can always choose to be individual and work from a private space like a garage or an office space.

  • A good cabinet maker doesn’t have a marketing plan. They simply get their gigs by word of mouth. So being good at what they do will be enough of marketing for a cabinet maker.
  • Generally, a cabinet maker works 40 hours a week, 5days a week. You can hire them for your small or large-scale projects.
  • Just like any other profession, they are required to work overtime when it is needed. When working in a company these over work hours will be paid.
  • Cabinet makers can work on different projects. They can customize your office cabinets and storages to utilize the space available in your small office. They can also help you to choose the best materials for your bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Qualities that make a good cabinet maker

A good and experienced cabinet maker will always have certain attributes that will make them stand out from the rest.

  • First, precision. Paying attention to minute details and also having advanced precision should be the first quality of a good cabinet maker.
  • Second, pay sincere attention to details. An experienced cabinet maker agency will always have his attention drawn to minute details while designing the cabinet. This is another trait that separates an experienced cabinet maker from an amateur one.

How long will it take to become a cabinet maker?

In the beginning, you go under an apprenticeship for 42 months and you need to work with a person and learn the skills. To become a professional, you have to complete a certificate 111 cabinet-making course which offers a wide range of options to undertake specialized work.


The average salary for a cabinet maker is $33.06 per hour. Of course, this number is not constant. Salary may depend on the number of years of experience and the expertise you have over the skill and the type of work you are doing and the scale of the project.


There is a lot of future for cabinet making. No matter what kind of life one is living they always need cabinets for their homes. And the demand for handy work is increasing day by day as everyone is stuck in their home playing games.

What to look for before hiring a cabinet maker?

Cabinet makers is required to have a license from the state and certification of his studies in that department. Apart from that, a valid insurance is required to work as a cabinet maker.

And a good set of communication skills to talk to the customers and make them believe that you can renovate their dream home according to their style.

Cabinet making and carpentry is a physically demanding job. There are always heavy things to lift and move. It requires great attention to detail and good craftsmanship. As your interest peaks, you can also work on other parts of the furniture.

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