When you buy your home, you’re most likely to want to install a fence. Fences help keep out unwanted visitors, keep in pets and kids, and give you a sense of privacy while you’re in your yard. Building a fence not only enhances the look of your home but can also raise the value of your home. Before you set a date to build your new addition, keep reading to discover important tips to consider before building a fence. 

Identify Your Fence’s Purpose

Why do you need a fence? Which material is best for your environment? Do you want to enhance your outdoor area for the warmer months? Before getting your fence built, it’s best to identify the purpose. If you’re looking for a fence to contain your pets, a chain-link fence is ideal. Consider getting a tall wooden or plastic fence if you’re looking for more privacy.

Research Local Fence Rules

Every city, district, or home association has fence ordinances that every residential area must follow. Learn these rules before picking out your fence. Find out if your home association must approve your fence to eliminate future conflicts. Find out if your city has height, location, and material requirements before building your fence. If you ignore the regulations, local code enforcement will kindly ask you to knock your fence down.

Have Your Property Surveyed

Get your property surveyed to ensure you build your fence within your property line. If you build your fence over the property line, the fence will become your neighbor’s property, and you all will have to make joint decisions about fence maintenance. Getting your property surveyed will save you from boundary issues between you and your neighbor in the future.

Give Your Neighbors a Heads Up

After getting your land surveyed, you will need to talk with your neighbors about your fence. Your fence will change how the overall property looks, so it’s best to get your neighbor’s opinion to see if they will like the shared wall. While talking to them about your fence plans, confirm your property lines, talk about how beneficial it will be for both of you, and keep them updated with any installation updates.

Consider the Maintenance

After getting your fence installed, you will need to maintain both sides. Realistically think about your environment and lifestyle before installing your brand-new fence. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance fence, we suggest a vinyl material that you won’t have to repaint or restain like you would a wooden fence.

Building a fence begins with being knowledgeable of the fundamentals. By using these important tips before building your fence, you’ll expedite your process, save yourself the trouble with neighbors or local codes, and enjoy your outdoors in peace.