It’s easy to forget about your home’s crawl space until you need it. After all, most homeowners don’t enjoy spending time in a damp, cramped area beneath the house. But your crawl space has a lot more influence over your home than you might think. If you don’t keep the area well insulated, it can lead to a lot of heating or cooling loss in the rest of your house. An insulated crawl space is essential for a comfortable, energy-efficient home. If your crawl space isn’t doing its job in keeping your home secure, it’s time to look into an upgrade. Learn everything you need to know about insulating crawl space with this guide.

Importance of Crawl Space Insulation

Like anywhere else in the home, crawl space insulation helps secure your home and regulate temperature. If your crawl space isn’t insulated—or if the insulation is old and outdated—air will seep in and out of your home through the floors. This means frigid drafts in the winter and hot, humid temperatures in the summer. Proper insulation helps regulate the temperature, keeping you comfortable. It also keeps your utility bill low. Moreover, poor insulation is an ideal home for critters like rodents, spiders, and other pests. By keeping your insulation in good shape, you make it harder for pests to take up residence beneath—and eventually inside—your home.

How To Get the Best Insulation

Once you decide it’s time for an upgrade, you must install the right insulation solution. The right materials and proper installation are a huge part of what you need to know when insulating a crawl space. By choosing the best insulation material and a reliable contractor to install it, you create a crawl space that will protect your home for years to come.

Choose Your Method

There are several kinds of insulation materials, each with its own benefits and disadvantages. Spray foam insulation is a reliable choice for irregular spaces like a crawl space because it sprays consistently over the various nooks of the area. However, managing large rigs and equipment in such a small space can be difficult. That’s why crawl spaces are some of the best areas for low-pressure spray foam applications. This safe and portable installation method is a thorough and efficient insulation solution for your home.

Hiring a Contractor

Gaps, damaged materials, and other mistakes can cause more problems than they solve and create a lot of headaches for your down the road. It’s crucial to hire a reliable contractor for your insulation installation. Remember to browse your contractor’s website and read reviews before hiring them. This will help you find a skilled, experienced, and reputable professional to help you insulate your crawl space and create a comfortable home for you and your family.