No one wants their home to be cookie-cutter. There’s nothing worse than driving down the street and realizing that every house on the block looks the same as yours. For this reason, you should read about these interesting home features you didn’t know you needed. Some of these ideas may spark new creativity in you, and as long as you have the right help, your dreams can come true.

Home Gym

Before the pandemic, only 12 percent of homeowners had a home gym at their residence. Yet, as the pandemic has shown us, you have to be ready for anything that comes your way. The 88 percent of people who didn’t have a home gym probably wished that they did when public gyms closed around the country. Now more than ever, home gyms can increase the value of your house. Remember, your home gym has to be stacked up to the nines, though. Make sure a trusted contractor installs these features to make your spot stand out from the rest:

  • You’ll need a digital wall clock to let people time themselves while working out.
  • You should get a weight bar full of different weight distributions fit for anyone that wants to give it a go.
  • Also, see if the contractor can install non-slip flooring, so folks don’t have to worry about getting injured while exercising.

Outdoor Patio

Now, what good is a gym if you can’t show off all that hard work outside? Remember, always do your vetting before signing on the dotted line with a construction worker. Ask to see pictures of their previous work to gain a better feel for what they do. Make sure you’re present while they pick out the materials in order to create the ultimate outdoor oasis you deserve.

She Shed 

Another interesting home feature you didn’t know you needed is a she shed. Plenty of homes have man caves covered in sports memorabilia—why can’t the ladies have a space of their own? Remember, you should build a relationship with your contractor. They shouldn’t make any decisions without you, and you should feel comfortable speaking your mind to ensure you end up with the she-shed of your dreams.