Even if your home or business already has solar panels, it’s wise to consider expanding your system with more panels. Below, we’ll explain when it’s worth it (and when it’s not) to add more solar panels to your system.

Yes, It’s Often a Great Investment

Plainly speaking, in most cases, it’s a great idea to expand your solar panel system! Adding newer panels to an existing system often has many benefits, from enhancing the system’s efficiency to increasing the homeowner’s discount on net metering.

Newer, More Efficient Panels

If you’ve had your solar panels for a while now, your system could benefit from an influx of newer, more efficient panels. Compared to a decade ago, standard solar panels are much more efficient and affordable. Plus, while there used to be only lower-tier economy panels available to homeowners, there are now more options, such as high-efficiency panels. If you want to make your solar panels more efficient and save more money, adding more solar panels is an excellent option.

Greater Incentives

Another reason it’s worth adding more solar panels to your system is that solar panel installation has never been more affordable. Getting funding for solar panels is quite simple for homeowners. Many states have adopted friendly tax incentives and rebates to help lessen the burden of installation costs. Look into your state’s incentives for solar panel installation to see what kind of discounts you could get.

Net Metering

Net metering allows solar panel system owners to earn greater discounts on utility bills by selling electricity back to the utility company. The more power your solar panels harvest, the greater the discount you can earn in your net metering agreement with your utility company. So more panels means more solar harvesting and more net metering. Check with your utility company’s net metering agreement for how you could save by adding a few more panels to the system.

When Adding More Panels Isn’t Worth It

While it’s often worth it to add more solar panels to your system, there are some cases where homeowners would be better off sticking with the system they have. An important thing to consider when adding solar panels to an existing system is the roof space. Do you have enough to accommodate more panels and their weight? Also, if you’re using a different solar installation company than the one that originally installed the system, be wary of voiding warranties on your solar equipment.

As you can see, expanding an existing solar panel system has more pros than cons, so it’s something every solar panel homeowner should consider. If you have the roof space and favorable government incentives, the greater discount on your utility bill will help you pay for the new panels quickly!