Planning a massive home renovation? Don’t get stuck without the tools you need. Here’s our list of must have home renovation tools and equipment.

46% of homeowners went over budget on their home remodels last year, according to a survey by Houzz and Home.
If you are planning a home renovation, the first thing you will need is the right home renovation tools. And buying the wrong tools is one of the first places where you can lose money.

Does this already sound stressful? If so, relax, because I have got you covered with this ultimate list of tools for home remodeling. Once you know what these tools are, you will be able to save time and cash. And don’t forget about the proper tool storage solutions like a metal workbench from Dyco Ventures or tool cabinets to prolong the lifespan of your instruments.
… And stay out of that 46% of stressed-out, over-budget homeowners.

Read on to find out exactly what tools you will need for your renovation project.

Basic Home Renovation Tools

Whether you are planning a home addition or a simple room renovation, there are some basic tools that you may need. To make things easy for you, here is a list of basic home remodeling tools:

Extension cords
A hammer
A shop vacuum
A speed square
Masking tape
A scaper
An adjustable wrench
A hacksaw or reciprocating saw
A putty knife
A level
A tape measure
Painting supplies
Painting supplies tools

Besides these basics, you will also need protective gear for yourself. This includes safety glasses, dust masks, and ear protection. You may also want to pick up a coverall!

Sensor Tools

Before diving into any major renovations, a smart thing to do is to get yourself some sensor tools for home remodeling. Sensor tools allow you to locate studs, plumbing pipes and electricity cables.

A Pipe and Cable Finder

Water pipes and electrical cables are (hopefully) hidden from view within your walls. Anytime you cut, drill or demolish a wall, you run the risk of encountering one of these.
Cutting through a water pipe or an electrical cable can quickly turn your DIY session into a day from hell. Not only do you run the risk of being shocked – but you will also have to repair the damage.
To avoid this, invest in, or hire, a pipe and cable finder.

A Stud Sensor

Stud sensors are handy little tools that electronically sense the location of studs in your walls. If you are attaching something to the wall, it is very important that you drill or nail it in where there is a stud to bear the weight.
Guessing where studs run is a recipe for failure. Not to mention extra work! Which is why I recommend you save yourself frustration, and pick up a stud finder.

Demolition Tools

If you are doing serious remodeling, chances are that there will be some demolition involved. And for demolition, you will need more than a hammer to get the job done.

Here are some basic demolition tools that you may need:
Voltage tester

Tearing down walls comes with a lot of dust. The dust from demolition projects is usually harmful to inhale. This means that you will also need a couple of respirator masks.

Power Tools

A common question among homeowners contemplating a remodel, is what power tools do I need? Having the right power tools will save you time and get the job done.

But, power tools can be pricey, and nobody wants to lay out cash for something they don’t need.
Here are a few essential power tools for home remodeling:
A cordless drill and bits
A jigsaw
A table saw
A band saw
A nailer
A sander

If you are doing a major remodel, the chances are that you will need all of these.

Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment? Listen, we have a ladder okay.
Not so fast. If you think that you do not need lifting equipment for your home remodel – think again.
Why? Because fatal falls are a leading cause of death in the US, with 43% involving a ladder.

Remodeling projects invariably come with the need to lift stuff. Using a ladder for lifting heavy items like beams and boards is not a good idea.
So put safety first and source some lifting equipment. There’s nothing like literally life-saving remodeling tools!
As you probably don’t need a crane hanging out in your garage for good, you can look at heavy equipment leasing companies.

Final Word

Having the right tools is a recipe for success for any remodeling job. Now that you are armed with this ultimate list, you can get your home renovation tools together with confidence.
And if you want to gain even more confidence before you dive into your remodel, check out my home remodeling boot camp for women.