Keeping Your HVAC System Intact With Pets At Home

The closest thing to the heart will always be your home, and there’s no denying that. Home is where everything we love and care about resides, including our beloved pets. Pet owners would agree that their pets are family members, like toddlers with heaps of energy and yes, they’re adored. However, taking care of a pet means additional chores and maintenance too.

Your home’s HVAC system is definitely an essential component of the whole set up. It sets the right temperature for the environment internally and also maintains comfort and convenience for everyone. So, needless to say, that your HVAC system needs proper maintenance.

Now, if you’re a pet owner, this degree of maintenance needs to be cranked up a notch. Pets shed hair and fur, and it gets stuck on everything and circulates in the air as well. Invariably this hair and fur are also going to sneak into your air ducts and HVAC system, which increases the occurrence of malfunctions.

So, let’s understand how you can maintain your HVAC system effectively when you have a furry family member too:

  1. Always be thorough

Cleaning cannot be compromised at any point. It’s essential for you to use a vacuum cleaner at least 3-4 times a week and run it over your furniture, rugs, curtains, carpets and so on.  These are the places where hair can get stuck easily, so before it gets into the ducting, you need to clean it at the source. Even lint rollers are quite useful for cleaning upholstery.

  1. Pay attention

Cleaning your air ducts requires patience and observance too. A top job won’t really get all the debris out, and the longer it settles in the ducting, the worse the damage to your HVAC. System is. If you’re not sure of how to clean the ducts effectively, you can always ask for assistance from your HVAC provider, or read a cleaning manual thoroughly to get all the steps right yourself.

  1. Pamper your pet

Shedding of hair becomes more frequent when your pet has ticks or dirt in their fur. Regularly bathing and cleaning your pet might not stop the shedding, but will significantly reduce the amount of hair they shed for sure. Also, try to keep a tab on how much dirt they bring into the house and clean it immediately so that it doesn’t get a chance to circulate in the air.

  1. Don’t forget the filters

The filters are the unsung heroes that filter out the dirt and grime from your home. This also means that they require the most amount of attention, and even have to be replaced and checked now and then. When hair gets stuck in filters, it can damage the entire working of your HVAC system, and you could incur expensive repairs in the long run. Hence, regular checkups can save you a lot of trouble (and moolah!)

  1. Consult with the experts

Having an HVAC professional that you really trust is essential because they understand your requirements and know exactly how to tend to your home. They’ll also ensure that you get regular reminders for checkups, and advice you on simple at-home tips that can keep your system running well for a longer time. Check out this link on how to take care of your air conditioner more effectively.

  1. Checking on the outside

While you’re keeping track of your HVAC system internally, don’t forget about the external unit, which is another significant component. Apart from weather and other environmental sources, even your pets might be responsible for a breakdown of the unit. A wise thing to do would be to have some sort of protective layer or covering on the external unit so that your pets cannot reach it and cause any damage to it. Ideally, having the unit at a height is also quite effective.

  1. Insist on warranty

When you purchase any type of product or service, it’s always important to read the terms and conditions that come along with it. In case if an HVAC system, there is always a warranty that is provided by the company you purchase from. That warranty is, however, subject to a set of clauses and conditions. Some of these conditions might put your warranty under question if you don’t get a regular checkup done with your company. This is done so that they have a fair idea of what the condition of the system is and what needs to be changed. Having a pet at home gives you all the more reason to insist on a warranty.

Final Thoughts

No matter how much extra work you might have to do, it’s worth it if it’s about your pet! If you’re looking for greener and more efficient tips for home air conditioning, head on over to Epic Home Ideas to find out more about it. And really, as long as you’re prompt with your servicing and know how to get things done efficiently, maintaining your HVAC system even with pets at home isn’t so much of a task after all!