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A fresh look for your kitchen is essential if you want to boost your mood while doing any kitchen task. A kitchen renovation is something that every homeowner tends to value nowadays. Perhaps, it is because there has been enough proof that upgrading the kitchen is a good investment. It is not only capable of increasing the value of your house, but it can also nourish relationships in your home.

With a lovely and organized kitchen, you can be more motivated to cook and converse with family over some hearty meals. But how can you achieve a look that matches the tiny space of your kitchen? One of the best renovation choices that you can start with is investing in kitchen cabinets. Yes, it doesn’t have to be as grand as changing every single detail of your kitchen because the right kitchen cabinet might do the trick.

To guide you in maximizing your kitchen space, here are kitchen cabinet trends you can try for your tiny kitchen this 2020.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs 

When you have limited space in your kitchen, it might be hard to work around and search for the utensils you would need for a specific task. Organizing your kitchen is a skill that you should master if you want to work more efficiently. But how can you maximize both space and efficiency in your tiny kitchen? Installing a kitchen cabinet with the right features might be the first step.

According to some experts, more industrial looks for kitchen cabinets are trending this year, and they will stay modern for the coming years. Which among these on-trend kitchen cabinet designs would work best for you and your kitchen?

Open Shelves

If you have a little kitchen space, overhead kitchen cabinets could make you feel claustrophobic. It can make your kitchen more cramped, and reaching the necessary utensils might require more effort. If you want your kitchen to look more spacious, open shelving might be a better alternative. With open shelves, you can show off your favorite dishes and keep the necessary ingredients or spices within reach while you are cooking.


If you want a simple and timeless design yet can also work well with a compact kitchen, shaker cabinets might be a good idea. Unlike overhead cabinets, they can create a more open and illuminated space. Since shakers have handles and straight edges, they won’t add bulk where space is already limited. You can also easily match a shaker cabinet with many different looks and styles due to its clean look.

Glass Door

While open shelving can give your kitchen a lighter and more open look, accumulating dust and grime in your dishes might be an issue. If you prefer the airy look of open shelves but not its associated hassle, a glass door cabinet is another option. It can still make your kitchen look bigger yet more organized and accessible. With a glass door, you can hide away less attractive dishes while keeping them within easy reach.


Slab kitchen cabinets are worth considering if you want something more modern and minimalist. One practical reason to use them is that they are easy to clean because they have no indents and other fussy details. You can also enlarge your space by clearing off counters and storing your stash with these slab kitchen cabinets. Thus, if you want to save time cleaning your kitchen cabinets while keeping things in order, this design might be right for you.


If you prefer a design that will give you the freedom to combine the features you like from other styles, transitional kitchen cabinets might be what you are looking for. With this design, you can blend old and new elements where every detail is streamlined and neutral.

To help you choose the right mix of classic and modern features for this type of kitchen cabinet, you can check out reliable shops online, such as Kitchen Cabinet Kings. They have a spectrum of cabinet style options for your kitchen.

Other Features to Consider

Aside from the design, there are other features you might want to consider for your kitchen cabinets. Style alone may not be enough to maximize space and efficiency in your tiny kitchen. Hence, colors and textures and cabinet features can also be a significant factor.

An all-white color for your kitchen can make it feel bigger, but most homeowners today prefer customized colors that suit their kitchen spaces perfectly. To achieve a more spacious ambiance in your tiny kitchen, you can make the cabinets function like an accent wall. You can paint them neutral colors such as grey, yellow and soft greens.

Though modern, clean lines constitute simplicity, materials with a texture like a wood grain are now back in style. They can make your kitchen look cozy, rustic, or contemporary, depending on the style of door and finished color you choose. Regardless of size and style, wood cabinets can add warmth to your kitchen.

Since your kitchen cabinets serve not only as simple storage but a tool that would help you keep your kitchen organized, these additional features might be essential. Deep drawers can be an excellent choice to store large pots and cans. Another trend is adding multi-functional islands to your kitchen. The cabinets underneath them can be used to accommodate kitchen equipment and other utensils that might only mess up your kitchen space.


Choosing a kitchen cabinet may not be as easy as it sounds, especially when your primary purpose is to maximize space and organize items in your kitchen. Like all other home renovation projects, it requires accurate planning if you don’t want to waste time and money. Kitchen cabinets might be a simple part of your kitchen, but they can significantly affect kitchen workflow. Therefore, if you want to be more organized and efficient, never hesitate to invest in a quality kitchen cabinet.

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