Inviting a sense of novelty to your kitchen and designing a chic new look can be both simple and impressive. Since the kitchen design has become quite important for the welcoming and warm atmosphere of a home and its high-end appeal, a world of modern design trends and ideas have found their way into our kitchens.

Invite colour to your kitchen
Although white and neutral kitchen designs still remain an emblem of sophistication and elegance, colours are what will make your sanctuary modern and stylish. Black is for the bold and daring who want to create a “wow” effect in their kitchens, especially if they go with a matte finish. Black can be used both for cabinets as the dominant hue and as an accent colour. Blue and green are also popular in modern kitchen designs, creating a moody, ocean-inspired ambience. Finally, ultra violet can be used to invite a feeling of opulence to modern kitchens.

Embrace geometric elements
Geometric patterns are a strong motif in modern designs, so make sure to embrace plenty of them to your kitchen. From geometric-inspired lighting fixtures to patterned tiles and textiles, geometry is synonymous with modernity. Circles, grids, lines and other geometric shapes can be used repeatedly and authentically in your kitchen.

Vary your kitchen finishes
Metallic finishes are more than welcome in modern kitchens, but there’s no need to stick to a single one. You can vary your metallic finishes in the kitchen, using them for faucets, knobs, pulls and other hardware. Not only is this a simple way to style up your kitchen, but it’s also highly effective and trendy.

Go with marble or wood counters
Wood and marble aren’t going anywhere, so don’t be surprised to see them in both traditional and modern kitchens. Since homeowners don’t hesitate to invest in quality kitchen designs, you can see stunning marble countertops in high-end kitchens around the globe. Wood is an equally attractive option that can help you create a modern look with a touch of warmth. When choosing your countertops, you should go with dark-toned ones for a dramatic effect.

Opt for a unique kitchen design with a modern twist
Each home is special, so it’s no wonder that more and more homeowners are opting for personalised designs. Thus, modern and custom kitchens are enjoying great popularity on the design scene, featuring looks, layouts and equipment tailored to families’ needs. Innovative practices are implemented with the aim of designing kitchens where functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. Thus, when designing the heart of your home, make sure to consider your personal habits, style and preferences, and design a kitchen that will reflect them.

Create a modern look with a rustic flair
Modern kitchen designs often welcome other styles with open arms. In particular, rustic and modern go hand in hand, combining modern simplicity and minimalism with rustic vintage appeal and warmth. For such a combined, authentic look, you should go with plenty of wood, rustic finishes, such as unlacquered brass, and stone with a natural patina. This way, you’ll be able to create a striking contrast that will bring a strange sense of balance to your kitchen, transforming it into a truly modern, warm hub for family gatherings and entertainment.

Smart up your kitchen
You cannot have a modern kitchen without implementing at least one or two smart features. Technology has been integrated into stylish designs, boosting the flexibility, accessibility and convenience of modern kitchens. Thus, you should think in terms of motion sensor faucets, automated coffee makers and other smart appliances that will make your kitchen modern and your life easier.

Design a wellness-inspired kitchen
The modern lifestyle is oriented towards health and well-being, which has sparked our interest in wellness-inspired designs. You can invite this trend to your kitchen by embellishing it with plants, flowers and bowls of fruit or introducing plenty of natural elements inside. Healthy drinks and snacks, purified water, pots of herbs and plenty of natural light will help you create a truly inspiring kitchen that will contribute to your health and well-being.

Implement a banquette seating arrangement
This trend from the 80s have found its way to 2018, giving modern kitchens charming appeal. A simple design, quality materials and comfortable cushions are used for this type of seating arrangement, creating a fresh, modern look. Typically, a bench is used on one or two sides of the dining table while chairs are added to the third. Simplicity and openness are key to designing this arrangement, so make sure not to go overboard with decorations and cushions.
Introducing these modern, enchanting ideas will help you design a welcoming, warm and trendy kitchen that exudes effortless beauty.