As we approach spring, thoughts of spring cleaning naturally begin to creep into the mind. General household cleaning makes way for exciting home renovation projects to take place. The best room to start remodeling this spring is the kitchen. Update one of the most utilized spaces in your home with some of the popular trends of 2022. Here are some kitchen remodel projects to do this spring to bring your home a new and refreshing feeling.

Luminous New Lighting

An excellent way to transform your kitchen space is with bold new lighting fixtures. There is an endless selection of lighting to start your remodel project. Luxurious chandeliers create an eye-catching centerpiece that draws attention and elevates the space. Hanging pendant lights have become very popular in the last few years and are the perfect light source for an island or bar in your kitchen. If you prefer something a bit more understated, recessed lighting is the way to go. To get started today, factor in what materials you like and what kind of finishes match the rest of your kitchen design and go from there.

Cabinets and Storage Space

In the perfect kitchen, your storage space is both functional and beautiful. Cabinetry is an integral part of the overall ambiance of a kitchen space. For example, choosing a light-stained cabinet brings a lighter, airy feeling to the room, while opting for a dark-stained cabinet brings a cozy, relaxed feel. Knowing how to pick out kitchen cabinets will help you get a jump-start on your project. Pick out the material and finish that ties your specific space together in the best way.

Fresh Paint

One of the simplest ways to start remodeling your kitchen is with a fresh coat of paint. Pick a color scheme that best expresses you and your vision. Warm tones are great for creating a homey feeling that is inviting. Cool tones are fabulous if you want a modern, cutting-edge kitchen. There are so many brilliant color options available. Monochromatic color schemes are perfect for minimalistic design, or you can opt for a bold, bright color if you are a bit more eccentric. Whatever color you choose, have fun with it and pick the one that best suits you and your home.

Now that you have some ideas for kitchen remodel projects to do this spring, make a plan and get started! Now is the perfect time to get the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted.