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Remodeling a kitchen is going to cost you thousands of dollars and will be a hectic process so you need to keep a sharp eye on each and every detail. One mistake, and you will not only lose precious cash but will also jeopardize your peace of mind when working day in and out in a kitchen which isn’t exactly what you wanted. It will then feel like you threw away all your money, effort, and peace.

What to consider while remodeling the kitchen?

Lots of people find solace in the kitchen and cooking is a therapeutic activity for many. So we need to consider the following things in order to keep the remodeling stress-free and to avoid any mistakes while renovating the most important area of the house so it turns out just like what we have in mind.

Size of the kitchen:

The first and foremost thing to consider while remodeling is the size of the kitchen. All the changes you need to make depend on how big the kitchen is e.g. an apartment kitchen will be way smaller than a kitchen in a two-story house. The budget will also vary according to the size of the kitchen.

Remodeling schedule:

You need to have a schedule and contact the people you will need well in advance. You should contact the plumber, electrician, tile setter, and any other people you will need to check their availability and schedule your work accordingly. In remodeling, no matter how specific you are, you still may need to make last-minute changes. So consider this schedule-making a big step towards achieving your goal.

Layout of the kitchen:

You also need to consider the layout of the kitchen if you want to expand it. Whether you want to remove any wall or any appliance has to be a well-thought-out decision. Some walls have load bearings and some don’t so you will have to decide accordingly.

What mistakes should you steer clear of? 

Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes you should definitely avoid while remodeling your kitchen:

Not staying within the budget:

The biggest mistake that is made while remodeling is exceeding the budget that you have set at the beginning. Every minute detail and every single penny that needs to be spent must be religiously calibrated before the start of work. Prepare thoroughly for each alteration and no matter what comes to your mind later, stick to the design that you originally wanted to go with. This will keep your expenditures in check and will save you from a lot of torment later on.

Not planning the design of the kitchen carefully

Remodeling and redesigning need sound planning. First, you should consider the allocation of the stuff you need to place in the kitchen. The height of the kitchen counter, the number of cabinets that need to be added or removed, the appliances that you have like the cooking range or the refrigerator, etc. and then how much space you will need in order to accommodate each and every appliance… all of this must be taken into account.

If you don’t think about the design beforehand, and exactly where you will like to place everything, you might end up with an unsightly, messy kitchen.

Having an island in a small kitchen

The idea of having islands in small kitchens doesn’t really work out all that well so it can be better to have a small peninsula instead. Peninsulas, in fact, are a great choice for small and big kitchens alike. However, if you have a large enough area to accommodate an island with enough aisle space then you can go ahead with that option.

Or if you have a really big kitchen you can have both an island and a peninsula. But bear in mind to not overwhelm a small space, as narrow aisles are really annoying.

Not planning the island carefully

Sometimes, when people think of storage space on an island, they get carried away and design it in such a way that it becomes cumbersome rather than a convenience. Hence, they end up with an island that is way too big.

And sometimes people focus so much on the design that they don’t consider storage space at all, which becomes problematic later on. So, you need to be very careful if you’re planning on having an island.

Not thinking carefully about storage options 

Make sure you go through a wide variety of storage options before you decide on one. For example, if you have a wide variety of cookware then it is essential for you to keep that cookware someplace with perfect visibility and which allows you to grab your pots and pans quickly whenever you need them. This has to be thought of meticulously for if you don’t have enough storage space you might end up cluttering your countertops.

Not focusing on light fixtures

Lighting is very important in any kitchen and you must make it a priority while remodeling. Natural light is always beneficial but you also need to keep other options in mind. You can choose from a mixture of fluorescent or LED ceiling lights, strip lighting, hanging lights, and track lighting to enhance the illumination system in your kitchen.

This will cover the task lighting and overall illumination required for working in the kitchen. You must make sure that the kitchen is neither too bright nor too dull in order to present a soothing, calming effect.

Not considering ventilation

Proper ventilation in the kitchen is a necessity and must not be neglected while remodeling. It will be worth every penny as a well-ventilated kitchen is a savior of your appliances, especially the refrigerator. You can have an exhaust over the range hood which would not only remove heat and smoke but would also get rid of the unwanted air and bad odors from your kitchen.

Improper garbage setup:

An improper garbage setup will lead to a dysfunctional kitchen. Kitchens produce a lot of waste e.g. food waste, empty bottles, etc. and in order to take care of that, we need to have proper trash and recycling bins. Consider the placement, size, and maneuvering capability of the waste bins while you remodel. You need to have a bin that is big enough to hold all of the waste and also makes trash removal easy.

I hope you won’t make the above-mentioned mistakes when you set your heart on giving your kitchen a whole new look. And if you take care of all the things (no matter how tiny they might seem) associated with the redesigning of the kitchen, your kitchen will transform without being too much of a burden on your pocket or on your mind.

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