The world of interior design is rich in inspiring ideas that embellish homes around the world. While some of them come and go, leaving a stylish trace behind, others always have a place on the design scene. When it comes to kitchen design, there are more than a few elements and concepts with a timeless value. Not only are they chic and enticing, but they will ensure that your kitchen never goes out of style.

A neutral kitchen as a classic
Although each year brings enchanting colour trends, stunning neutrals will always have a special place in the kitchen. A subtle colour scheme of neutral shades creates a simple yet elegant look that will charm anyone with an eye for aesthetics. Of course, occasional pops of Pantone’s new colour of the year are more than welcome to create a visual interest, but it’s mainly reserved for accent detail while the main scene still belongs to the forever-popular neutrals. A white kitchen design has always been popular, but it’s far from the single option. Warm neutrals and subdued tones in combination with wooden elements are a perfect choice for creating an elegant and welcoming kitchen design.

Lighting is both decorative and functional
A properly illuminated kitchen is a must in every home, be it modern or traditional. Thus, creating a layered lighting scheme is of the utmost importance for any kitchen design. Too many recessed lights, however, are never a good choice unlike the combination of under-cabinet task lights and stunning pendants. When illuminating a kitchen, pairing tasks lights with accent, mood lights will create a perfect balance between functionality and style that every kitchen needs. Stylish pendants and elegant chandeliers can be used as beautiful accent details that will elevate the style of your kitchen.

Stainless steel: the finish
Every kitchen requires high-quality appliances that will ensure its functionality and efficiency. And stainless steel has always been the preferred finish that can give your kitchen a timeless shine. If you’re looking for the combination of affordable and efficient appliances, you won’t go wrong if you invest in high-quality Bosch appliances. Equipping kitchen with state of the art appliances is vital, because this is the room in which you should cook delicious meals. However, all the factors starting from price, quality, size and going all the way to the design of the appliance, make the final choice all so difficult. In the end, the choice is going to depend on your personal taste, but you should still try to keep other factors in mind when you go shopping for kitchen appliances.

The open floor plan for an airy ambiance
As one of the most popular floor plans, the open concept is here to stay, bringing an atmosphere of airiness to modern kitchens. By erasing the boundaries between the kitchen, dining room and even living room, the open floor concept creates a breezy space perfect for family gatherings and entertainment. Kitchens that feature this floor plan are typically filled with natural light that accentuates their appeal. Different zones are outlined through decorations and furniture groupings, which gives the open-floor concept a structured look without sacrificing its openness.

Storage is a must
There’s no such thing as too much storage, especially in the kitchen. From shaker cabinets for a classic look to glass-door storage solutions for visual openness, kitchen storage comes in different shapes and styles. Built-in cabinets are also a popular option, as well as simple, but modern floating shelves. The key principle here is functionality and storage is the way to achieve it.

The timeless value of natural materials
Although natural materials are associated with Scandinavian style on the modern scene, they have been always used in kitchens and will continue to be one of the most popular options. Wood and stone are the top choices, with wood being typically used for cabinets or floors and natural stone for countertops. Marble, in particular, has always been a luxurious choice for countertops that can be fitted into any interior style. Due to its durability and sophisticated appeal, marble will always be an emblem of subtle luxury in kitchens.
As one of the most important areas in a home, the kitchen should feature an elegant, chic, but timeless look that will ensure its appeal for the years to come.

About the author:
Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”