Keeping our properties looking their best is a full-time operation. So, while there are plenty of projects you can do to update your outdoor space on your own, there are still tasks that only professionals can handle. Hiring landscaping professionals to perform these jobs can ensure superior quality and control when you need it most. Here, are some landscaping projects to leave to the professionals and why having the additional experience can be beneficial.

Soil Testing

When it comes to planning our gardens in the spring or preparing our hedges for the winter, understanding the nutrient concentration of your soil can go a long way. In knowing what your soil lacks, you can act to supplement it with mulch and other lawn care products. These tests also help you pinpoint which plants would thrive most on your property. Getting this done by a professional ensures sample taking is fast and thorough, leaving less for you to worry about.

Irrigation System Installation

Professional landscapers should also handle irrigation system installations. Not only are these pieces of equipment sensitive, but they require a strategic placement in relation to your other yard elements. Landscapers can assess your property, take note of your specific needs, and determine the best places for irrigation connections, maintenance hatches, and spouts.

Overgrowth Clearing

Another landscaping project to leave to the professionals is anything involving land clearing. This is especially important for those with larger amounts of land to maintain. It’s much more difficult to chop through undergrowth and weeds than it is to cut grass with a standard mower. As such, professionals utilize special rough cut mowers rather than finish mowers to get the job done quickly and easily.

Yard Aeration

As winter quickly approaches, landscapers can help you with preparing your yard for the sudden chill. Aeration, the process of making small holes in the soil, allows water and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the ground. This way, your perennials can get the resources they need to grow stronger roots for the winter. Professional aeration is incredibly thorough, leaving no patch left untreated.

Hiring a team of landscaping professionals for these projects can take a lot of work and stress off your plate. It can also ensure you get the quality results you need regardless of the time of year. So, if you’re thinking about getting one of these tasks done, start your search for the right team now.