laundry room

Laundry rooms are generally small but occupy an essential segment of our apartment. The organization and appearance of laundry rooms should be kept in mind so that you can manage your dirty and clean laundry effectively. This is one of the reasons why we need effective laundry rooms that are armed with necessary laundry equipment. Laundry cabinets enhance the look of laundry rooms and make it easier to seek out and segregate washed and unwashed clothes.

Laundry cabinets are used for storing items like detergents, soaps, fabric softeners, etc. There are many kinds of cabinets available in the market. Some can be hung up on the walls, while some can simply rest on the floor. Laundry cabinets are available in different sizes and styles. Therefore, selection can be made as per the preference of the customer.

The Best Materials to Use for Laundry Cabinets


Cabinets made up of metal are durable and long-lasting. They are strong and can hold heavy items as well. Many models come with the advantage of adjustable and flexible shelving so these can be used according to personal requirements. They can be cleaned easily using sponges and mild detergents. These are lightweight and can be moved easily.


Laundry cabinets made up of wood look classy and beautiful. Also, wood is a comparatively flexible material. It can be used to make cabinets of any design or style. These cabinets are easy to install. Wood cabinets have a long life and have known to last for many years. The wood used for making these cabinets can be of many types. It can be oak, cherry, pine, maple, or hickory. Maple cabinets can be painted with solid colors. Oak cabinets look great with a polished finishing and visually increase the aesthetics of your apartment.


Hardwood should be used instead of softwood. Hardwood has a unique texture and pattern. However, it is used for making doors and frames of the cabinet, not the full cabinet. Consequently, there are certain limitations to hardwood cabinets. They are expensive and very reactive to moisture content present in the atmosphere. It expands and contracts due to the humidity. These cabinets require more maintenance.


Rubberwood is also used for making these cabinets since it is one of the cheapest materials. It is extremely easy to work with while making any kind of furniture. This material does not get stained very easily and suppose by chance it did it can be cleaned using soap and water. It does not catch fire easily and does not get discolored.


Plywood is also used for making laundry cabinets. It is low-cost and has greater stability. It requires just a soft cloth and water for cleaning. It doesn’t fade and discolors easily. It does not catch rust. Cabinets made of plywood are made by joining pieces of wood together by glue or heat.


MDF can be used as an alternative to plywood. Recycled fibers, when pressed together under high pressure, create MDF which makes it strong and long-lasting material.


A thin layer of hardwood is peeled off from a log to make the veneer. It is used as a finishing material. This material is known for its stability and lightweight.

Some factors should be kept in mind while buying laundry cabinets like materials these are made of and the storage capacity. You must locate a perfect place to install the cabinet. It serves as a great storage unit for all your clothes and other items.

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