Living rooms are the places where we tend to spend the majority of our time at home. These areas are usually designed not only to offer comfort and coziness but also to reflect our own personal style preferences. That’s why the living room is usually the first room to undergo a transformation whenever a home remodeling or redecorating project is underway.

However, with so many beautiful styles and designs to choose from, how does one actually decide? To help you out a bit if you too are feeling spoiled for choice, we’ve decided to present you with some fun living room decorating ideas that are sure to liven your space up. Check them out.

Rethink your walls

Usually, the most common starting point in any redecoration project is the walls. The walls of your living room experience a lot of wear and tear over time even if you’re not quite aware of it. Usually, it’s advised that interior walls should be painted as necessary but the reality is that the walls should ideally be painted every five to seven years. You can do this even more often if smoking is not banned in your living room. So, choose colors carefully and make sure you select the right type of paint finish for such an area.

If you’re fond of collecting items, such as artworks, photographs, and replicas of medieval weapons, consider creating a wall gallery filled with your collection. This will add character and uniqueness to your interior decor, not to mention become an interesting conversation starter when guests come over.

Change up the game

Since you’ve already decided to change things up in your living room, this will be the perfect opportunity to rethink your furniture layout. Or even find something new through Besides, if you just put everything back in its original place, it won’t really feel like you’ve made a huge difference. Clearly, some pieces have their designated spot in your living room so you should put those back where they belong. On the other hand, you can consider switching the places of your armchairs and sofa, or you can entirely replace your coffee table. No matter how big or small you choose to go with the changes, you’ll see that they’ll be more than welcome.

living room, Liven Up Your Living Room: 5 Fun Decorating Ideas

Spoil your floors

The floor in your living room is another thing you should really pay attention to. Since living room floors experience a lot of traffic on the daily, you need to ensure that the flooring solution you’ve chosen is the right fit for such an area. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing a rug for your living room as you need to ensure that it’s of the right size, durability ply and quality. Alternatively, you can even choose to layer your rugs and create a statement floor treatment by going with a bigger rug for your entire living room and layering a smaller area rug on top of it to work as a base of your seating arrangement. When choosing rugs, you should definitely browse the internet to find your perfect fit. For instance, online retailers such as Miss Amara offer a wide variety of high-quality stylish rugs for any room of your home. By checking the online stores, not only will you save some precious time but you’ll also be able to learn any relevant information about a particular rug you’re interested in. This should enable you to narrow your choices quickly and efficiently.

living room, Liven Up Your Living Room: 5 Fun Decorating Ideas

Let the light play

Furthermore, do know that you can instantly make any space look more stylish just by letting some light into the room. While the living room should never be too bright – you should always aim at creating a comfortable atmosphere – you still want to implement various lighting solutions into its design. So, aside from carefully layering different lighting sources make sure you also enable plenty of natural light to penetrate the room. For some additional pizzazz, hang a few mirrors no the walls of your living room and allow them to bounce the light off. Not only will this make your room appear brighter, but it will also appear roomier if you manage to do this correctly.

Bring in some life

Finally, no room can look finished without some greenery. That’s why you should consider filling your living room with potted plants. However, do keep in mind that the majority of house plants need plenty of light to thrive so be careful when choosing which types of plants you want to obtain. For instance, succulents can thrive even in areas that don’t experience plenty of natural light, provided that they have enough water and artificial light to sustain them. Alternatively, you can always choose to get faux plants and make your house appear livelier without having to worry about maintenance and upkeep.

So, if you’re looking to liven up your living room and make this space feel fresh and new, give these ideas a go. Chances are, you’ll fall in love with your new living room design faster than you might think.