Picture this: you move into your dream home—you have seen the pictures, fell in love with it at first click, went to look at the house, and placed an offer. However, soon after moving in, you realize something about the home is off. You check every nook and cranny, only to find that the living room you stand in right now is much smaller than the photos had hinted. Unfortunately, you can’t turn back now. So, to make the situation better, here are four different ways to make your living room look bigger.

Spruce up Your Walls

Custom has told many of us to stay away from white because it can stain easily and not use any bright colors that appear juvenile. However, what if we were always wrong about not stepping out of social norms and using bright yellow or soft pink for a pop of color?

Take out your paintbrushes, because we are painting those walls to help your living room look bigger. A bright color will help an object look smaller than it is, thus making the room look bigger. Also, don’t overdo it with decorations. Keep it simple.

Take Your Furniture Away From the Walls

We know that pushing furniture against a wall might help a room look big, but it’s not doing much for you. If anything, it could trap more dust and lost items that you forgot. So instead, try and leave some pieces of furniture in the middle to help give that illusion of your living room appearing bigger. Use furniture pieces that’ll help create the illusion you are seeking.

Invite Natural Light In

We all enjoy having some light pour into our rooms during warm, sunny days, and it has more benefits than you’d think. Having natural light will create the illusion that your living room is big. Buy some thin curtains to help make the room feel more minimal and abandon thick curtains as they take up a lot of space.

Spruce up Your Area

If you have difficulties choosing good furniture, choose some smaller ones and use them as additional storage. You could even use bigger pieces but choose wisely and go with one that won’t look awkward. Also, if your walls are bare or have abandoned corners that need some love, put in some nice plants and hang some pictures to help add to your space.

These are the easiest ways to help you learn different ways to make your living room look bigger. Of course, every living room is individual to taste, and the right ways to make your living look bigger all start right here in this blog. Having a living room that feels big won’t only make you feel centered but also make your home feel more extensive.