For a while, tile grew to become the new fad flooring that everyone wanted after the carpet had lost its luster. These days, people tend to embrace the hardwood floors of the past. Many older homes have wood flooring underneath the laminate. Tile, too, is still just as popular. It’s beautiful and sleek but can be hard on the feet after a while. Here are the major differences between hardwood and tile flooring to help you make your choice.

Cleanup and Maintenance

One thing you’ll never have to worry about with wood floors is regular cleanup. They might show more dirt and dust than carpet does, but that’s an added benefit because you can see the dust and dander, which makes it easier to clean. Tile flooring is similar, but because it has a smoother surface and grout, debris collects and then catches in the grout. Tile floors tend to stay dirty for this reason, and you must stay on top of cleaning them.

The Durability of Materials

With strong hardwood flooring, you could easily keep your floors intact without any warping or repair for up to a century if you’re lucky. But still, any hardwood or tile is susceptible to warping and cracking. Before you install new hardwood flooring, you’ll want to consider a few things, including how you’ll protect your floors to prevent damage in the future. If you have tile flooring, there is a higher chance of the tile breaking. The upside is that replacement is cheap and a quick and easy fix.

What’s Right for Your Home

The final step is simply deciding what works in your home. Can you imagine wide-open spaces with tile or hardwood flooring? Maybe a darker color isn’t your style, and you wanted light wood flooring or lighter tile. Or maybe the tile is too hard on your feet, and you prefer the way that wood feels.

There are some major differences between tile and hardwood flooring but all in all, they are both solid options. The major differences between hardwood and tile flooring are few but distinct, so consider them well before making your decision.