No other things cringe a homeowner more than a plumbing issue and one of the most frequently faced plumbing issues is the problem of blocked drains. The drains in the bathroom and kitchen get clogged due to several reasons. The foreign matters that clog and blocks a drain in a house are certainly yucky to handle. This is a problem that should not be ignored under any circumstances or this may lead to messy leakages or flooding of your bathroom which is not at all desired.

The experienced plumbers and plumbing experts have noted that several cases of blocked drains are caused by objects that have nothing to do near the business in the first place. Thus, these can be prevented if proper care and measures are taken.

The list of most common things that cause blocked drains  

  • Toilet paper – Even though the toilet paper is meant to be broken down, enough clump of toilet paper can cause the toilet paper to clog a drain. So, you should necessarily have conversations and discussions with your family, especially if you have kids who are undergoing the phase of toilet training. This would help you in preventing blocked drains in a major way.
  • Soap and water residue –If the floor and the mouth of your bathroom drain are not attended at regular intervals for proper cleaning, they would tend to create some very stubborn and greasy hairballs that would be a major cause of blocking the bathroom drains. There are several products available in the market that helps in cleaning the bathroom floors and drains. Adopting these products to clean your bathroom floor and drain would help you immensely in preventing blocked drains.
  • Hygiene and sanitary products – These should strictly be disposed of in the trash bin and should never be disposed of in the drain of a bathroom. The hygiene and sanitary products are disposed of very carefully to prevent a blocked drain.
  • Food leftovers – The kitchens are the prime areas where there are maximum chances of drains getting blocked. Often the leftover foods are carelessly disposed of in the kitchen sink which may lead to a blocked drain in your kitchen. For preventing this, you need to be mindful of the excess food and the leftover food in the dishes. These leftover foods need to be necessarily be disposed of only in the trash bin or dustbin.
  • Toys – Kids tend to play in the weirdest corners of the house which include the kitchens. You should ideally establish a few types of protocols for the kids regarding their play areas. You should not allow the kids to play near the drains of the kitchen, balcony or bathroom where they may put their toys down the drain. This can be one probable reason for the blocked drains in your house.
  • Oil and grease – In case you are trying to get rid of the extra grease from the utensils after spicy cooking, then you should ideally avoid washing those utensils in your kitchen sink. Instead, you can collect this grease in an old coffee can and dispose of it in the trash. This way you would prevent a blocked drain in your kitchen.It’s easy to think that water just washes everything along, but fats are sticky, binding substances that are prone to causing buildups and eventually clogs.
  • Hair

    Hair can aggregate to where it makes moderate stream or complete blockage. We can’t help that hair emerges from our heads normally, however, we can attempt to ensure the channel however much as could reasonably be expected with little screens and great practices, for example, clearing hair out of sinks and cleaning the hairbrushes over the garbage bin.
  • Construction materials – Grout, paint or other things that are being prevalently used in construction projects may tend to block the drains. So, you need to be very careful in disposing of the extra construction materials like sand, chunks of cement, pieces of stones or bricks etc. in order to prevent drains from blocking.


This goes without saying that the blocked drains are nothing less than a real drag. So, you should really make it a point to take all the above-discussed measures and also clean the drains in your house at regular intervals for preventing the issue of blocked drains.