Are you looking to enhance the curb appeal and resale value of your home? If so, outdoor living spaces are in high demand among today’s homebuyers. People want to get back to nature without having to drag out a tent and camping equipment.

If you make the most of your balcony, you have an instant way to increase your property value. By making the most of this area, you can add extra living space to your property. Even if you’re not in the market to sell now, passersby will admire your well-groomed exterior when you follow these balcony tips.

  • 1. Brainstorm

Before you can design the ideal outdoor living space, you need to consider who will use the area the most and for what purpose. Do you work from home? If so, your balcony might serve as the ideal office environment with the right upgrades. Perhaps you enjoy woodworking in your free time, but you don’t have space for both a workshop and vehicles in your garage.

Get creative! If you have little ones, outdoor playtime offers numerous health benefits — plus, you’ll know where your children are if they’re safe on the balcony. Do you need a side hustle? If you enclose your outdoor space, you have an extra room to use as an Airbnb rental.

  • 2. Get Creative With Your Budget

Now that you have identified the intended use of your outdoor living space, the next balcony tip includes figuring out your financing. After all, home improvement projects can cost a pretty penny, particularly if you have to make considerable enhancements to make the area work the way you want. You might not have enough in your bank account to cover the project — so what can you do?

If you need additional funds for making the most of your balcony, consider a home equity line of credit. These prove superior to breaking out the credit card because they’re secured loans, meaning you’ll enjoy a lower interest rate. However, do note that your equity must reach 15% to 20% of your home’s value to qualify. You’ll also need a decent credit score, typically 620 or above.


  • 3. Start at the Top

Whenever you complete a home improvement project, it pays to start at the top and work your way down. That way, you don’t risk dropping or splattering something that destroys the work you’ve already completed. However, you can often learn a considerable amount by looking up, too, particularly when making the most of your balcony.

One of the features home buyers seek most is storage space. If your area lacks a roof, you have plenty of it. You can install overhead bins and shelves that double as a sun cover to keep the elements off you while you work or play. These locations serve a dual purpose by letting you store any outdoor furniture overhead until you finish your remodel and are ready to place it.

  • 4. Install Missing Necessities

Of all the balcony tips that save you energy, this one is a must. Let’s say you intend to use your space as an outdoor kitchen. Do you want to have to run to your indoor version to wash your hands between prepping your items? Of course not! Installing plumbing lets you put in a sink to make food prep less of a hassle.

Perhaps you intend to use your outdoor living space as a home office. If so, do you enjoy listening to music while you work? A pair of wireless Bluetooth speakers can significantly enhance the time that you spend there. If you have a larger budget, go ahead and install a complete sound system — but do keep the neighbors in mind when you get to jamming.


  • 5. Remember That Comfort and Design Matter

Finally, you can’t say you’re making the most of your balcony if few people want to hang out on your uncomfortable repurposed park bench. Portion some of your budget for investing in quality outdoor furniture where you and your guests alike will enjoy relaxing.

Planning your space with the rest of your house in mind is a crucial balcony tip. While kids’ playrooms often feature bold primary colors, if these clash with your home’s exterior, consider enclosing your balcony with sunscreens that hide the interior from prying eyes while still letting the warming rays enter.

Treat your outdoor area like any other room — within reason, of course, if it’s exposed to the elements. Bring in pictures that make you smile and some houseplants or other accessories that pull the look together.

  • Make the Most of Your Balcony With These Tips

With these suggestions, you can make the most of your balcony and increase your home’s curb appeal. Get out and enjoy the sunshine without leaving your house with these balcony tips!

– This is a guest post not written by the websites’ owner.