Who doesn’t love a modern, cozy, and well-designed home that has all the necessary furniture from high-end brands? We all do!

But the definition of modern changes as soon as the trends change, which is almost frequent. And keeping up with that by renovating or remodeling your house every year is not practical!

So how else can you modernize your home? Here’re a few home update ideas that are practical and appealing.

9 Ways to Modernize Your Home Without Major Renovations

If updating your home is running in your mind, but you don’t want to go crazy with the renovations, here’re a few home update ideas that you may like!

  • Open Spaces Are All In!

The traditional dining rooms are going out of style. Homeowners are now looking for homes where the dining room, living room, and kitchen share one huge open space. So what’s a better time to modernize your home by creating an open space than now?

But, making your home open and appealing seems like it may need breaking a wall or two, right? No, it’s easier than you think! Start by getting rid of bulky space-occupying furnishings, or moving those furnishings somewhere else to get a spacious look.

You can even create an illusion with mirrors. Place them opposite your windows. It’ll reflect light in the room, making it appear more open. You can also turn an existing unused dining space into your home office with modern office décor, a library, or a reading corner.

  • Give Your Cabinetry a Makeover

Nothing screams more old-fashioned than dirty door handles and drawer pulls! From shiny stainless to brushed nickel, there’re numerous modern finishes you can choose from. If the range of options is overwhelming, don’t worry; go for the one that fits the best with your décor.

Modern stainless steel knobs would look chic if you have a country-style kitchen. While a modern kitchen can use a few vintage-style knobs!

Pay Attention to Those Windows

Windows that show you the world outside the comfort of your home are often the most overlooked piece in a house. We’re so indulged in making our walls, couches, and other furniture match our aesthetic that we leave the windows plain and boring!

Even the best oceanic views deserve stylish window frames. There’re bold and graphic geometrical design curtain panels, beachy gauzy white sheers that ooze comfort, or the bamboo shades that scream minimalism – the list goes on.

Go ahead and dress those windows to match your style!

  • Create an Outdoor Space That Makes People Go WOW!

Even if you don’t have an amazing porch or a backyard patio, there’s still an outside space that you can use. You just need to get creative!

Lay an outdoor rug. Add comfortable chairs, cushions, hanging string lights, and a small fire pit – you’re done! It’s just that simple! Want it fancier? Add brick pavers with privacy curtains, a large pergola, an outdoor heater, a bottle of wine, and some classy music… now that’s fancy!

  • Good Lighting Makes a Huge Difference

Poor lights make any beautiful room look dull, dark, and gloomy. Bright lights make everything more welcoming. Hence, improving your home lighting can make a huge difference!

Change the way your room looks by installing floor and table lamps. Place them strategically. The tall floor lamps can go in the dark corners, and the side tables can have table lamps to cozy the space. To get your foot into the modern trends, you can even change your outdated ceiling fixtures with modern lights!

  • Removable Wallpapers Are the New Thing!

Take a look at the latest market trends, and you’ll see a bunch of modern removable wallpapers that are super easy to install! From fancy patterns to bold graphics, several designs will make any room look like you hired the best interior designers.

Since these wallpapers are peel-able, you can take up a wall one at a time to test it out. You can cover the main wall with a minimal pattern and the other wall with funky geometric wallpaper.

  • Change the Layout

Changing the entire layout of the living room makes a huge difference!

If you’re unsure what layout would go with your existing furniture, search up some books for inspiration. You can approach a property stylist that can advise on the same. They’re experts in the field and can save you from wasting money on the wrong furniture!

  • Scrub Up the Bathrooms

Yes, bathroom cleaning is not a fun activity to do. But the results will leave you feeling like you’ve remodeled it.

Once you scrub the bathroom shiny clean, look at the light fixtures, the doorknobs, shower curtains, faucets, and vanity. Change them if they look outdated. You’ll notice a massive change in the bathroom once you replace the old-fashioned items.

You can even apply a coat of paint on the walls, replace the cabinet pulls, and get a cool modernized lantern light!

  • Replace Décor and Switch up Your House’s Personality

Every interior styling piece is different. Their purpose is to add personality to your house. Swap some décor pieces in your home to make you feel like you’re living in a different place every time you change it.

Even swapping cushions and throws does the work!


There’re plenty of clever ways to upgrade a dated home into a modernized version! But implementing all of these changes takes time. It’s not going to happen overnight. So have patience because it’ll be worth it!

Author bio: Vivek is a global sourcing expert and has worked with and assisted clients with their sourcing requirements for 1000+ projects in his 15+ years in the industry. With the aim to fulfill the evolving needs and demands of architects, interior designers, project managers, and HNIs, he started Arcedior – the most loved, curated products platform with 60,000+ products from 600+ brands spanning 35+ countries. Being a design enthusiast with an eye for details, he also started a group on LinkedIn called ‘Design Leaders Roundtable – A Collaborative Community for Architects & Interior Designers’ which now has over 4K members. In his free time, he loves to travel with his family.