Have you just moved to a new home that needs exterior repairs? Or, are you planning some routine maintenance? Taking care of the outside of your home is vital to prevent permanent damage to the structure and avoid damage from the weather. Here’s how to plan those home maintenance jobs, home repair, and how to hire the best person for the job.

Review All the Outdoor Jobs

If you need exterior repairs, it makes sense to list all of them and get a plan together. The main reason for this approach is that some jobs can be combined and be more economical to get done together. Other jobs will need the repairs done before any additional work. For example, if you have overflowing gutters that cause water to leak down a wall, it needs to be repaired before starting any paintwork on the house. For instance, you could combine a roofing job to repair tiles with installing gutter guards.

Work Out the Priorities

When you have your list of exterior jobs, you need to prioritize. For example, which job will cause the most significant risk if you don’t get it repaired? You also need to consider risks to the neighbor and your property, such as a dangerous overhanging tree branch. Once you have identified the priority job, you need to decide whether to hire someone to do the work or have the skills to do it yourself. Next, you can plan other work around it. For example, if the task needs scaffolding, think about what else can be done in that area while the equipment is in place. Fitting gutter covers during most roofing jobs is an example. Depending on the location, they are also simple enough for you to do independently.

Set a Budget

When you have a lot of work to do on the exterior of your home, set a budget so you can prioritize the work that gets done first. It is also worth setting money aside for emergencies and routine maintenance. Doing this will avoid unexpected maintenance expenses, and your home will be kept in good order.

Research the Options

Once you have identified the work that needs doing, consider the options available to you. Examples include the type of timber to use and outdoor paving designs. In addition, check out opportunities to install things that will make your life easier when doing any maintenance work, such as gutter covers or external lighting. Finally, look at a few designs to inspire your ideas and see what can make a difference to your home.

Find Someone to Repair the Problem

Once you have a list of repairs, it’s time to find a trustworthy contractor who can do the work. If you can do the job yourself, you need to schedule some time. Other jobs, such as outdoor electrical work, are more specialized, so you need a qualified contractor. Some of the best ways of finding suitable people to work in your home are by asking around. Check professional listings as well for recommendations. In addition, it is always worth checking feedback forums to spot people who are not of a high standard so you can avoid them.

If possible, get at least two opinions and quotes. Where you have jobs that can be done simultaneously, such as roof tiling and placing a leaf guard for gutters, be sure to include that when you request an assessment of the work. If you have lots of jobs to do, get the contractor to do one or two first so you can check the quality and reliability before requesting more. Always confirm a commencement date with the contractor as they can get booked up quickly. If you find a good contractor, do recommend them to others.

Develop a Maintenance Schedule

Once you have finished the external work, it is worth setting aside time to develop a maintenance plan. All buildings need to be well maintained to prevent problems from developing, leading to deterioration. For example, if you live in an area with termites or other pests, have a schedule for spraying and maintaining woodwork. Painting the exterior and touching up areas are other jobs in a maintenance plan. Once you have a routine, your home will look better, and you can keep on top of the work required to keep the house in good condition. Improvements to guttering, for example, prevent damp and staining.

Once you have planned your external home repairs, organized, and completed them, keep a regular maintenance plan that will help you keep all the jobs on a schedule. Routine home maintenance enhances the appearance of your home and prevents structural damage. It also improves the value of your home. So get your external home repairs in order today.