People might wake up in their bed every morning, but the start of the day begins from the bathroom. The reflection staring back at them in the bathroom, the steam over the bathroom glass while they shower, it’s all a silent routine that fills them with the hope of having a good day.

Not just the morning but after a long tiring day, a relaxing bath is exactly what everyone needs to wash away the stress.  So, why not make this even a better experience with some comfortable and relaxing appliances?

1. Fitbit Aria 2 Scale

Forget those old weight scaling machines. This ultra-modern new device connects with your smartphone, smartwatch, and computer while keeping a track of your BMI allowing you to keep a track of your performance. It can be used by 8 members and all their information are private, hence, accessible to only each (their own). Add this to the bathroom on your next bathroom renovations.

2. Smart Shower


While the world is struggling to reduce its water wastage, this technology is a great idea. It is no boring rinse and repeat routine but you can control the water temperature, the duration of your bath-time by your voice, your smartphone or the button on the device itself. A great way to save water and get spa-like relaxation at home.

3. Smart Toothbrush

Another great addition to your list of bathroom renovations are these toothbrushes. There are smart toothbrushes that let you maintain your dental hygiene with its amazing features such as 3-D mapping of your mouth so that you can track whether you have missed a spot or not. Also, it can send you an alert whenever you start brushing too hard and even has a tongue care feature. On top of that, these brushes are completely rechargeable. They can be very effective for people with sensitive teeth as well as growing kids.


4. Toothbrush And Paste Dispenser

This simple appliance can make your life so much easier. The dispenser holds the toothbrushes in a sanitized cover so that they don’t get infected while the toothpaste dispenser gives away the right amount of paste for each person and makes use of as much content as it can inside the tube eventually, cutting unnecessary expenses on toothbrushes and toothpaste.

5. Bathroom Music System

Forget Bluetooth speakers that you have to operate from your phone while taking a shower with soaked hands. There are way better options for you to enjoy your own mini-bathroom concert. You can either opt for a voice-operated speaker or get a system fixed inside your bathroom on the roof or better a bathroom ceiling speaker.  Everyone knows that bathroom acoustics are great that’s why some of these systems have features to adjust the sound according to it plus, you can get the same setting throughout your home, so this is something to add for bathroom renovations.

6. Pad Disposal Machines

Waste management is a headache in itself and even more of an issue when it comes to sanitary pads. There are smart machines that take care of this as they easily burn them and make them better to process with the other waste as residue. These are most of the electronic and can handle the disposal of diapers as well.

These are just some of the options for bathroom renovations and bathroom appliances but you can go and do a more detailed search on other products as well. These appliances come in varying sizes and at varying prices. The smarter you want these appliances to be, the costlier they will get. A lot of them are environment-friendly and nothing compares to the cost of that.

 -This is a guest post not written by the websites’ owner.