I recently received an email from a homeowner who asked if he should sign a Mechanics Lien document that was included with the contract he was to sign to begin a home renovation project. He made reference to some article he read – perhaps on my site – and wanted some clarification.

First off, a general contractor should not be giving the homeowner a Mechanic’s Lien along with the contract. And I have no idea exactly where this homeowner is in the process but my advice was to immediately contact a construction law attorney to review what he was given.  Moreover, I detected through his writing that English may be his second language so there is another layer of challenges in what is potentially a  risky undertaking – IF you don’t know what your contractor state laws are. 

These kinds of questions are the very reason I created my Home [Pre]emodeling Bootcamp For Women (and The Men Who Love Them!) in an effort to get people educated on making good choices, conducting the right research and getting engaged in doing the work needed to mitigate problems and stay in control of their project and money.

Learn more about the Bootcamp here before you make any decision regarding contractors and your home renovation project.