When homeowners think about selling their houses, the first thing to come to mind is how to fix up the interior. But the interior isn’t the first thing that potential buyers see, and it’s certainly not the only thing that matters. Your home’s exterior is how you make that all-important first impression a good one. We’ll go over some outdoor features that will add value to your house so that you can see which ones might work for your property.

Trees and Foliage

An underrated benefit of adding trees and foliage to your landscaping is the added privacy it affords. Trees and foliage beautify an area just by being present, but the shade and cover they provide are very valuable to many home buyers. No one wants to buy a house that looks like a barren landscape when they pull up. A little bit of greenery will help improve your home’s overall aesthetic value.

Pond or Water Feature

Water features are a huge draw for some buyers. While they do need regular maintenance in regards to cleaning and proper pond aeration, it does pay off in the end. Water features (that aren’t extremely expensive pools) can be a great addition to any home that wants to feel a little more natural. A small pond will also cost you much less than an in-ground or above-ground pool and still get you similar value.

Outdoor Lighting

Light makes everything better, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. If you want an outdoor feature that will increase your home’s value, outdoor lighting is a simple solution. Illuminate your pathways, increase the visibility around your patio or deck, or put a light in your backyard so that you can use it at night as well. There are a lot of doors that open up when you allow outdoor lighting to do its thing.

Patio or Deck

When it comes to a good return on investment, patios and decks are outdoor features with some of the biggest payoffs. It may seem like a tall task to add one of these areas onto your house, but they tend to pay for themselves when you sell the house again. Even a small patio addition adds a lot of value that will attract new buyers to your house when it’s up for sale.

Sprinkler System

Landscaping is all well and good, but not everyone wants to put in a lot of work to maintain a nice landscape. This is where the addition of an automatic sprinkler system comes in. A good sprinkler system reduces the burden on the homeowner while still keeping the landscaping fresh and lively. A complicated landscape could turn off some potential buyers, but having a sprinkler system will help alleviate this problem for those who are hesitant.