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Amidst the hues of city life and beneath the open-armed skies, lies a garden of beauty. Your forever dream to have a little la-la land in the backyard of the house has now seen the face of reality. Swaying in a hammock dozing off in the afternoon sun and cherishing the vividness of the colourful flowers has turned into a frequent leisure activity.

Before walking back into another day of monotony in life, your mornings witness the serenity of your backyard bloom.  While mornings are well spent, imagine an evening spent in the embrace of a series of lanterns and lamps, fairy lights and spotlights.   Imagine the entrancing vision of lights dancing over your face in the shades of happiness. And now, feel the tingling and tickling sensation of the butterflies in your stomach.

As overwhelming as it may seem, outdoor lighting might not come as an easy task to accomplish. The market offers a diversity of lighting options to adorn your backyard with brightness and light. You can choose your favourite lights and weave them into beautiful lighting ideas for your backyard.

Here are 7 stunning lighting ideas for achieving a dream-like backyard

String lights –

What if you enter your backyard and see little beads of lights hanging overhead in lines of perfection? String lights can give just the right amount of soft lighting to your backyard while simultaneously being inexpensive and easy to set up

You can wrap them around your backyard walls or swaddle the tree trunks with these lights, hang them over a swaying hammock or pile them inside a jar/bucket.  Plan the patterns and combinations to string them up and be ready for a lovely glow in your backyard.

Floor lights and rope lights pathway –

If your backyard offers the pleasure of having a walkway for an evening stroll, you can line up the walkway with rope lights on both sides.Alternatively, streamline floor lights into the walkway for a refined finish.  The rope lights furnish your backyard with subtle highlights and hence, adds to the beauty to the area.

Glowing Furniture and pots –

Add glamour to your backyard with some elegant glowing furniture and replace ordinary flower pots with these extraordinary glowing pots. Besides lighting up your backyard, this lighting idea plays a multi-purpose.  It makes your backyard worthy enough to host a party and, slips by a lasting impact into the heads of all the visitors

Solar lights –

While new lighting ideas come and go, solar lights (in the shape of lamp posts placed on walls or fixed on top of poles) would never sink into oblivion.  As the name suggests, these lights use solar energy to charge during the day and run at night. The added costs of electricity are absent which makes it a cost-efficient lighting idea.

Mason Jars-

If a DIY artist lives within you, you can just grab some mason jars and turn them into instruments of lighting in your backyard. Mason jars offer a lot of options to light up any area. You can place a candle within the jar, pile it up with string lights or discover new ways to use it. Hang them around the area and rejoice in their beauty at night.

Outdoor Uplighting –

To make your backyard space stand out from regular backyard spaces, add an uplighting effect around the trees and on the walls. To add the uplighting effect, place the lights at the ground level. As a result, the light flows in an upward direction. A nice layout of lights can give a stunning look to your backyard.

Lanterns and Chandelier –

If you want to spend time in a rustic and vintage set up, hang chandeliers in your backyard. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, structures and colours.

To complement the chandeliers, place lanterns around the area. This set up would lend you wings to fly to another world where fantasies are a reality.  When it comes to your backyard, let your imagination wander into far-off oceans of ideas.

Nowadays the range of Modern outdoor lighting is quite diversified. So, one can pick a favourite combination of lights to embellish the environment of your backyard.  As Tinkerbell showers the magical lights of pixie dust in her garden, you can sprinkle your yard with a tinge of dim lighting or the shades of bright illumination.

Once your garden is well-illuminated, grab a mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter evening. Wrap yourself up in a blanket and rejoice in a backyard embosomed with lights.

Cleanse your aura and soothe your anxieties.

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